The War of Umni Against UMS

Cold Crisis of UMS
Date: 19th juny 2019 - now (official date)
Place: Whatsapp
Outcome: Astana declares the peace to Luxe and the war terminated. Combatants
AMU alliance (U.M.S.)

Unofficial Moral UMS support

Emergency Pact:



9 (2 for moral help)


- -

The War of Umni against U.M.S., knowns in Nova Italia as Journal's War, it's a war declared by the United States of Astana to Repubblica democratica di Luxe in 19 June 2019.


The war begans the 19th June 2019, with Andrea Maria Grassidonio's declaration of war against Luxe fearing that the latter might be a threat to her country.

He entered the conflict with Tawil and other states while Luxe entered with support Amu, GEUP, and other states U.M.S.

The conflict for now, has been limited to a series of verbal confrontations between Luxe and Astana.

Franci City for the war exit to the UMNI and entered in the U.M.S.

Andrea Grassidonio tell to Luca mirante that Astana would like to do a Peace Treaty, and the war finishes.