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{{Infobox nation
{{Infobox nation
|name              = The United Republic of Byrdia
|name              = The United Republic of Byrdia
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|web                = [http://www.byrdia.org Official website]
|web                = [http://www.byrdia.org Official website]

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The United Republic of Byrdia
Flag of The United Republic of Byrdia.jpgEmblem of The United Republic of Byrdia.png

Uniri per aequitatem
(English: United through equity)
L'Arlésienne Suite – Farandole
Map of The United Republic of Byrdia.png
Claims of The United Republic of Byrdia in Antarctica
Capital cityTo be founded
Official language(s)English
Short nameByrdia
GovernmentParliamentary Republic
- First ConsulGabriel Rindborg
LegislatureThe People's Curia
Area claimed1,610,000km²
Population233 (2018)
Time zone(UTC)
National animalNingen

Official website

The United Republic of Byrdia, commonly referred to as Byrdia or the Byrdian Republic, is a state in Antarctica, claiming territory within Marie Byrd Land.[1] The state was created in 2016 aiming to become a sanctuary for humanity. It is not currently recognised by any other sovereign states, and does not currently officially have any established diplomatic relations.


As of August 4, 2016, the preliminary draft of the constitution outlines the territory of Byrdia as follows:

"The territory of The United Republic of Byrdia consist, as of the date of its creation, all land south of the 60th parallel south, east of 150th meridian west and west of the 90th meridian west. The territory outlined shall not only be considered de jure, but also de facto territory of The United Republic of Byrdia, whether inhabited or not."[2]

Byrdia is not an observer of the Antarctic Treaty, and therefore claims the territory outlined under terra nullius.


In early 2016, after tiring of the chain of political events unfolding across the world, Gabriel Rindborg decided to create Byrdia as a response. The United republic of Byrdia, according the the preamble in its preliminary draft is supposed to serve, "in the interest of mankind for equity, organisation and progress... as a refuge, a sanctuary and a brave new frontier to all of the oppressed and displaced peoples of the world".[3]

The project started off as a flag design endeavour, but quickly developed into a full fledged summer hobby; drafting the constitution, setting up the website and all the basics within the span of a couple of months.

As of 2020 the current leadership of the state has communicated a willingness to transfer control over the provisional regime to new interested parties who share the values outlines in the constitution.[4]


"Applying for citizenship in The United Republic of Byrdia is currently free of charge." but does not provide any official documents as of yet.[5]

Following concerns bout GDPR effects on the website the leadership of the country stopped responding to new membership request, but claims to still accept them. An official tally is not kept anymore however. [6]


As of July 2016, no states or organisations have officially recognised The United Republic of Byrdia, but its foreign office in Stockholm, Sweden works towards attaining the international recognition outlined by article six, §2 and §3.[7]