The Tricolor March

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The Tricolor March

The Tricolor March.PNG

National march of the
Andanyflag.png Principality of Andany

MusicPablo "Lyon" Macias, c. 2017
AdoptedMarch 1, 2018

Audio sample

"The Tricolor March" is the national march of the Principality of Andany. The time of duration is 00:02:06 (hour:minute:second). "The Tricolor March" was recognized for official use by the Principality of Andany in 2018 by Andanian Prince, Pablo "Lyon" Macias on 1 March. It was made the national march by a congressional resolution on 28 February, 2018, which was signed by Prince Pablo "Lyon" Macias.


"The Tricolor March" got its name from the tricolor flag of the Principality of Andany. It was made in honor of the national flag and its importance in Andanian culture.