The Survivalists

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The Survivalists
Survivalist Titlecard.jpg
Film Title Card
Directed by Casey Hamlin
Produced by Casey Hamlin
Distributed by Hamlinian News Network
Release date 23 June 2012
Running time 8 Minutes
Country Hamlinian Republic
Language English

The Survivalists is a 2012 Hamlinian comedy film directed by Casey Hamlin starring Casey Hamlin, Sean Hamlin and Mark Devoldre. The film is a parody of Bear Grylls and other survivalist television programs, particularly how the crew perceives them as fake. The film excessively shows the crew members trying to hide houses, bridges, tourists and other signs of civilization, as well blatantly referencing a team of emergency crews and scientists after Hamlin claimed he was going into the wilderness alone. It also shows Hamlin, the host of the show (who sports a Bear Grylls style accent), to be extremely incompetent on wildlife and history (claiming that Christopher Columbus founded the island) and to hate his job.