The Sovereign Princedom of ZåRconia

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We are a Nationhood and model Sovereignty attempting Vonu with the intention of one day becoming a Statehood The abbreviation for The Sovereign Princedom of ZåRconia is “SPZ” Acceptable spelling includes ZaRconia and ZoRconia. The correct pronunciation is Zor-cone-e-ah We are a physical and digital country the Physical is a half acre of property on Vancouver island, the digital is a Group chat that all the citizens are added to. We currently have 16 Citizens and 14 Honorary Citizens We have one Embassy in La Crete Alberta Official languages: English and Plaut Deutsch Official Currency: Jolt(z) National Symbols: Bird: Peacock, Animal: Dachshund, Plant: Giant-rhubarb giant rhubarb, Flower: Snowdrop, Colours: Dark Purple, Dark Green and Teal, Mineral: Fluorite, Gem: Amethyst, Element: Zirconium, Drink: Amaretto and coffee, Snack: Crème de la Crème a la Edgar, Movie: The Aristocats, Item: Spork,