The Second Great Loveland War

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The Second Great Loveland War
DateFebruary 20, 2019
Ohio Protection Pact
Kingdom of Loveland
City-State of Hamilton
Republic of Goshen

Conflict Emerges

After the first Great Loveland War it left only two powers left in the region, The Kingdom of Loveland, and the Republic of Goshen. Loveland and Goshen both were close allies, and they were both in the Ohio Protection Pact, but both of them wanted to control the region of Butler. When they realized that they both laid claims to Butler Goshen left the Ohio Protection Pact. This then leads to a great arms raise between Loveland and Butler. Loveland then sent a letter to Goshen that they need to give Loveland the land surrounding Loveland's capital of Alexinari. When Goshen received this letter they would deny it. This made the people of Loveland furious, so the Minister of War and Offense placed the Loveland troops right outside of the Area that Loveland wanted, making the residents uneasy. The Government of Goshen couldn't do anything so the citizens rioted. This then leads to the Goshen government declaring war on Loveland.

A Call to War

Loveland called its allies into the war, these allies were, Okeane, Campbell, and Astoria. Goshen called in their one ally of Fairfeild. Okeane and Campbell were good allies to have as Okeane was on the border with Fairfeild and Campbell was a large nation on the border with Goshen. Other people also seemed intersted in joinig the war. These people were, Manylandie and Leveian, both were the leaders of the first Great Loveland War. They seemed like they wanted to take land from Loveland this time.

The Riot of Hamilton

Since Fairfeild was in the war against Loveland the people of Hamilton (which was under the control of Fairfeild) would riot to regain a state of their own at to break the Treaty of Hamilton that ended the First Great Loveland War. This riot would be succesful and on February 21, 2019 Fairfeild would surrender. Hamilton would get greater amouts of land then they had in history, taking all of Hamilton city limits and they puppeted the Grand Duchy of Fairfeild making them join the war on Loveland's side, and Hamilton also joined the war.

Old Enemies

Manylandie and Leveian would see that Butler was now ally less and they lost their front in Campbell, so when Manylandie and Leveian were invited to join the war they accepted. The first thing that Leveian did was rush into Astoria and Astoria then would fall to the Leveians. This would look terrible for Loveland so Hamilton launched Operation Astoria which is were they would push into Leveian so quickly that they would reach Astoria. This plan didn't work as plan and they were stopped early in their push. Hamilton, Fairfield, and Okeane troops would push into Manylandie and would grab their capital and Manylandie would fall to Loveland and be out of the war. Goshen would put most of their troops next to the Loveland capital. Then early on February 22, 2019 they would push into Loveland and they would be stopped at the Little Miami River. Loveland would start seaching for allies to join the war against Goshen to maybe turn the tide of the war. They found a large state in Brown County, Ohio. This state was called Fayetteville, they would invite them into the war and when they official joined the war on February 22, 2019 they would make a massaive push into Goshen. This victory was short lived tho because Goshen troops would incircle all of the Fayetteville troops and defeat them, then Goshen would invade Fayetteville and it would fall. During the invasion of Fayetteville Loveland was able to push Goshen out of Loveland.