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|capital            = [[Hillview City]]
|capital            = [[Hillview City]]
|largest_city      = [[Hillview City]]
|largest_city      = [[Hillview City]]
|languages          = [[w:English|English]], [[w:Russian|Russian]]
|languages          = [[w:English|English]]
|religions          = Secular
|religions          = Secular
|demonym            = Unilandian
|demonym            = Unilandian

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The Republic of Uniland
Uniland Flag.pngEmblem Uniland.png

"By The People, For The People"
The Will of the People Prevails

Capital cityHillview City
Largest cityHillview City
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
GovernmentUnitary One-Party Republic
- PremierJack Porter
- Deputy PremierThomas Porter
LegislatureThe People's Parliament
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 5
Established15th May 2018
Area claimed500m²
CurrencyPound Sterling (GBP)
National sportSwimming
National animalBuff-Tailed Bumblebee

The Republic of Uniland is a independent territory that is located in the south of the United Kingdom that has claimed independence since the 15th of May 2018. The Republic's government considers the nation to be fully independent of the rule of the United Kingdom but is aware of the fact that it is unrecognized by any larger nation therefore giving the the republic Micronation status. The nation claims territory in the county of Dorset inside the greater United Kingdom, the territory consists of a small enclave that measures approximately 500m².

The Republic of Uniland Prides it's self on its cultural ties to the British county of Dorset as well as it's upholding of socialist values and maintaining equality between all races and ethnic groups within the county. The Cultural ties to Dorset do not however extend to religion Uniland is a strongly secular country with the ruling party believing that religion should not play a role in the governing of the nation.

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The name "Uniland" comes form the words Unity and Land. The government believed the name Uniland would represent the Unity of the people within the nation. The name of the country can also be connected to the political structure of the government of the republic as it is a One-Party State the word unity can be used to describe the government, there are no coalitions or arguing parties there is just one party that runs the nation.



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The Republic of Uniland is a Unitary One-Party state where the Premier is the Head of State and Head of Government and where there is one sole political party that rules the nation. The current ruling party is The Socialist Revolutionary Party of Uniland which is lead by the General-Secretary of the SRPU who also serves as the Premier of the country when elected by the Party and the people of the nation.

All government decisions are carried out in The People's Parliament by the party. In Parliament there is no upper or lower houses there is only one house that makes decisions. Though the Country is a one party state there are elections, the party can choose candidates to run and the people can elect them. The candidate that wins the election becomes Premier as well as General-Secretary of the SRPU.


Foreign Relations

Main Articles: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Republic of Uniland follows an isolationist policy of "Not interacting unless a nations interacts with the republic". The Foreign Ministry is rarely required in government affairs unless the government wishes to make contact with another nation or if another nation wishes to make contact with the republic.


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