The Republic of Goshen

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Republic of Goshen

Capital cityGoshen
Largest cityMiami Township, Ohio
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)All
GovernmentFederal Democracy
- PresidentKenzie
EstablishedJune 12, 2018
Area claimed~ 460 mi²
CurrencyLoveland Dollar (LLD)
Time zone([1]) Eastern Standard Time
National sportCheerleading



The Republic of Goshen was founded when a representative from the Kingdom of Loveland came to the city of Goshen, this inspired the people there to form a nation.

Alliance and the Ohio Protection Pact

Once the Republic of Goshen was set up they became great allies with the Kingdom of Loveland and they were one of the founding members of the Ohio Protection Pact. During the Great Loveland War the Republic of Goshen stayed neutral.


The Republic of Goshen and the Kingdom of Loveland started fighting for dominance over the Butler region, this caused the Republic of Goshen to leave the Ohio Protection Pact.