The People's Communist Republic of Nobelandia

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The People's Communist Republic of Nobelandia was founded on October 11th, 2017, by the current Supreme Leader of Cheeselandia. Nobelandia's ideology was Anarcho-Communism. Nobelandia's name came from the element Nobelium. During the Great Feud, Nobelandia had 1 advisor and 2 military personnel in action. Nobelandia distributed propaganda in the early phases of January-February 2018, and later on, took part in direct combat. In April of 2018, Nobelandian Forces took part in the Battle of Looming Oak, which resulted in 1 Nobelandian and 1 Enemy Injured. It was a victory for Nobelandia, and would be Nobelandia's only major engagement. On May 3rd, 2018, a group of Nobelandians and other "Anarchists" took over a school cafeteria and declared it independent from the school. Nearly 50 people entered, and a riot ensued, with Nobelandians and others stealing things and attacking others. Black trash bags were used as Anarchist flags. This lasted an hour and thirty minutes until it was suppressed by the school. This was a part of a much larger conflict called the "War Against School". Nobelandia fell into inactivity in June of 2018, and disintegrated after a raid in late July of 2018. 2 members, including the former leader, started a group made up of both Nobelandian exiles and other people, which would be called the "Cheese Rats" for unknown reasons. It would turn into the Nation of Cheeselandia on April 14th, 2019.