The Order Of The Shadow Wolves

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The Order Of The Shadow Wolves
The Order Of The Shadow Wolves.jpg
Awarded by Emperor Arturo I
TypeSacred order
Mottout praesidio nostris se.
(Latin: We Protect Our Own.)
Awarded forSacred Order of Knights
StatusCurrently constituted
SovereignArturo I
GradesK.S.W. (Knight of the Shadow Wolves)
First induction2019 Arturo I
Last induction2019 Arturo I
Next (higher)None (Highest)
Next (lower)Order of the Shadows

The Order of the Shadow Wolves is a Cordoba Empire order. and is Cordoba Empire highest-ranked honour. It has existed since 12th April 2019 with its first recepient: Arturo I, Emperor of Cordoba Empire.


Cordoba Empire had no order since it's establishment which was unusual for a monarchy. Arturo I chose to create a the order of the Shadow Wolves named after the national animal of the Cordoba Empire and thus on his birthday created the Order of the Shadow Wolves which came to existence 12th of Apirl 2019


The Emperor of the Empire is the head of the order. The order is awarded by the Emperor. The order is however primarily given to members of the royal family and to citiziens who has done extremely meritous service to the Cordoba Empire, and as such deserves the order in the eyes of the monarch.

The order of the Shadow Wolves has one class: Knight of the Order of the Shadow Wolves (usually abbreviated as K.S.W. in letters et cetera).

Current knights and officers

Sovereign of the Royal Empire Orders of The Shadow

Current Knights of the Shadow Wolves listed by date of appointment