The Monarchical Democracy of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

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The Monarchical Democracy of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

We know more about the surface of the moon than the bottom of the ocean
Great Pacific Garbage Patch Patch land claims.jpg Red shows the most densest areas of garbage. The lighter the blue, the less garbage.
Official language(s)English, Pacific Patch Creole
Official religion(s)Religious freedom
Short namePacific Patch, Patch
DemonymPacific Patchian, Patchian, Pacifican
GovernmentMonarchical democracy
Established7 May 2019
Disestablished1 June 2019
Area claimed617,000 mi²
Population1 (as of establishment)

The Monarchical Democracy of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (commonly known as Pacific Patch or, more simply, Patch) was a micronation that claimed every piece of garbage above sea level in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This included any bit of surface that was above the ocean surface. For example, a fishing net that is partially submerged is only partially owned by Pacific Patch; namely, the part of the net that is above the water.


The name comes from the garbage patch that accumulates between California and Hawai'i in the Pacific ocean.


The nation was brought to light when JJ Maxwell thought of claiming a micronation in the garbage patch, and at the Kick 'em Jenny volcano. He also referred to a infographic that claimed that with the money pledged to the Notre Dame cathedral fire in Paris was enough to clean up the majority of the world's oceans.


Patch was dissolved on 1 June 2019. It is one of the four nations that created the Empire of Qoí.


The nation was founded with the goals to:

a) create a land form from the items in the patch.
b) promote the clean up of Earth's oceans of plastic.
c) create awareness about the global plastic waste problem.
d) protect the seas to help advance oceanographacial science.