The Kingdom of Kumandria

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The Kingdom of Kumandria

Kingdom of Kumandria Flag.jpgKingdom of Kumandria Coat of Arms2.png

Hymn of Trust Unofficial
This music is the unofficial state of the kingdom of Kumandria. Copyright belongs to the creator, James Newton Howard.

South Korea
Capital cityKumandria
Official language(s)English, Korean
Short nameKumandria
- KingFrederick Yoon
LegislaturePeople's General Assembly
Established16. 02. 2018(Borsia) / 22. 09. 2020(Kingdom)
Area claimed1.03 km² of combined physical territory and embassies
CurrencyNix ()
(de facto)
Time zoneUTC 9:00
National animalBlack Eagle


The Kingdom of Kumandria is a micronation headquartered in Korea. Kumandria is a new community created after the fall of Florensia. The national goal was established based on a project that reminds us how important Eastern and Western cultures coexist and trust between humans is important. It is a micronation focused on culture and community, and dreams of a place where all are equal and harmonious.

Nation's Name

The name Kumandria is a new nation created after Florensia to introduce a new culture. Kumandria is a country founded on the basis of Kumandra.

Who we are?

Kumandria is a new project for the human community. In line with national goals, we strive to share ideas and bring them to life in order to realize “Trust and Harmony”. The reason it is a monarchy is because it was thought that it was best to make it possible for various people to live freely, centering on the monarch.

National Goals

Kumandria is planning a multi-ethnic community that coexists with Asian and Western cultures.

In addition, we are working hard to realize that all mankind must be composed based on "trust" in order to live in a diverse, coexisting manner.

In addition to this plan, we are planning many cultural, environmental and social projects such as environmental conservation and social community experiments.

Our would like to cooperate with the countries that will share this plan.


It is a country that inherits the first country, the "Kingdom of Borsia", and is a new country that only changed its name in Florensia.

National Symbol

The national flag has a Sun emblem in the middle at white and blue Flag.

Symbolizing this:

  • White : Peace and Freedom
  • Blue : Largest Sea, Far of Future
  • Sun : The Royal and Citizens

The Coat of Arms, The Black Eagle, as a National symbol, represents the kingdom's prosperity and willingness for the future.

In addition, on the top of the eagle, the symbol of the kingdom, the "sun," and the nation's name and motto are written around it, and the year of establishment is written below it.


The currently planned Ministry is as follows.

  • Ministry of Interior
  • Financial Support Department
  • International Cooperation Support Department
  • National Business Planning Department

International Relations

  • When it comes to diplomacy, it is the same as Molossia, but has adopted it in a different direction.
  1. Based on trust, the standard treaty of mutual recognition is abolished at all.
  1. Sign a treaty only if there is a project or idea to cooperate between countries.
  1. We do not enter into diplomatic relations with countries that need to fill out an application for diplomacy.
  1. The country of diplomacy will continue in the days of Free State of Florensia.

List of countries involved since the days of Florensia

Present Working Relationship

National Holidays

Holidays Date Information
Holocene Calendar Establishment Date 01. January Day of the New Year.
Constitution Enactment Date 24. January First Kumandria Constitution was Enacted.
Independence Day 16. February The first country, the date of the establishment of the Kingdom of Borsia.
A New Beginning Day 01. March The day that marks the beginning of a new year.
Reading Day 15. May A day to gain stability and nutrition through reading.
National Flag day 17. July First National Flag Anniversary.
Day of the Kumandria 22. September Anniversary of the Founding of the Kingdom of Kumandria.
Day of the Trust 20. October National Largest Anniversary.
Christmas 25. December Day to celebrate the birth of Jesus.