The Hooded

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The Hooded
The Hooded still-frame.jpeg
Still frame from the film
Directed byZarel Smith
StarringjOOST Smith
Zarel Smith
CinematographyZarel Smith
jOOST Smith
Edited byZarel Smith
Release date
11 February 2020
Running time
1 minute
CountryNew Eiffel
LanguageNo language spoken

The Hooded is a 2020 New Eiffelic supernatural horror short film, and is the shortest film ever produced by Z&jProductions with a runtime of a single minute. The film has no dialogue.


A man wearing a red hat (character credited as Kyle) is walking on the New Eiffel Main Route 1, and in the background of the first two scenes of him walking a mysterious monster can be seen, which appears to possess supernatural powers. He arrives at a house, sits down, and as the monster's ugly hands start to rise over Kyle's shoulders he turns around - but nothing is there, it appears as if the monster has disappeared. As Kyle leaves the house, we hear the monster roaring, than he chases after Kyle. He trips, and the monster beats him to death. The film ends with a close-up shot of his bloody face.


  • Zarel Smith – Kyle
  • jOOST Smith – The monster


Filming started on 12:13 pm and concluded on 12:52 pm, all on 11 February 2020. All filming was done on an iPhone 7 Plus in 720p in colour at 240 frames per second. The film was primarily filmed in New Leeds, and a few scenes in Új Repülő and Plitvice. After filming was complete, the footage was edited in iMovie, and after about thirty minutes it was finished. The film contains no dialogue, however the monster can be heard roaring near the end.

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