The Grand Republic of The Order

The Grand Republic of The Order (GRTO) is a micronation within the Indian subcontinent. It is ruled by the First Order Board and the current Head of State is First Emperor Arnav Chaudhary I, of the Bonapartist Party, and the Chancellor is Karan Nehete (also of the Bonapartist Party). The GRTO is a democracy wherein the people elect the Emperor/Empress (also known as King/Queen, or Consul), and the Emperor/Empress elects the Chancellor and the rest of the First Order Board. The capital city of the GRTO is Sawland.

Grand Republic of The Order

Flag of the Ordarian Empire

Armorial Bearings of the Empire

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The First Order

The First Order (not related to Star Wars) is an organization that controls the GRTO, and its empire, known as the Ordarian Empire. It is thought to have been established on February 14th, 2016 (this day is celebrated as Creation Day). The First Order Board is the governing body of the GRTO. The Heads of the GRTO and the First Order are the same.

The Ordarian Empire

The Ordarian Empire is the empire of the First Order and GRTO. It is located in the Indian subcontinent. The Viceroy of the Empire is Arnav Chaudhary I. It began on September 1, 2018, along with the Grand Conquest.


On 1 September 2018; Emperor of the First Order (and future Emperor of the GRTO), Arnav Chaudhary I, declared a period of conquest known as the Grand Conquest (which still continues to this day), in which territory was to be obtained in order to form the GRTO and the Ordarian Empire. The Ordarian Empire was established on the same day. The Grand Republic of the Order was established on 11 September 2018, however, due to the date coinciding with the 11 September 2001 attacks, independence is celebrated by a three-day-long period of celebration on 10, 11 and 12 September, known as the Tripleday Independence.

On 18 October, 2018, an attack on the capital city of Sawland was conducted by a radical organization known as the "Indian Reich". Tensions rose over the course of the next few weeks and on the 4th of November, 2018, the Grand Republic of the Order officially declared war on the Indian Reich. The war lasted for a period of 10 months, ending on the 2nd of September 2019. The result of the war was a massive victory for the Grand Republic, and much land was gained. The war also greatly increased the stability of the empire and is therefore known as the "Ordarian War for Stability".

The most recent expansion of the Grand Conquest, the fort of Yousafabad was absorbed into the Empire on October 10th 2020.


A tree with fake acorns stands with a one brick high border surrounding it. This is a sight of great curiosity, as its origins are unknown. It is located in the forests of Bastognia.

Two old murals in Indian style are painted on the walls of New Merlinus.

The Chitradurga and Yousafabad Forts, remain historical sights not only important to the Ordarian Empire, but also to the history of the Indian subcontinent as a whole.


The GRTO has many official languages, they are: English, German, French, and Hindi


The official religion of the GRTO is Christianity under the Church of The Order. The Pope is Arnav Chaudhary I. The title of Pope is hereditary, however, it can be passed on to those, not in the family if the Pope so chooses.

While the official religion is Christianity, this plays no role in the administration of the state. The Pope is mostly ceremonial and performs ceremonies such as coronations. All religions are tolerated and encouraged in the GRTO, and Christianity is a minority.