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The Fun Gang
Logo of The Fun Gang
FormationOctober 2, 2020; 7 months ago (2020-10-02)
TypeInvite-only informal social lounge
Official languagesEnglish
AffiliationsConstantia Pact

The Fun Gang (TFG) is a micronational social club hosted on Discord. Initially formed on 2 October 2020 by Daniel Hamilton and Zarel Smith, they later invited Casper von Naveria, Brayden 'Mr.Lee' Eaves, Max Baez, and David Easterling, the former two being credited as co-founders. Hamilton serves as the group owner, and is the de facto leader of the club. Since November, several micronationalists have become members, whilst others have either withdrew or been kicked for a variety of reasons.

The Fun Gang was designated as a borough constituency in the Glorious Anthean Republic during its foundation, and is represented by two Members of Parliament.

As of March 2021, 88,545 messages have been sent in the group, with nearly a quarter of these messages being sent by Hamilton, with over 20,000 messages sent.



Constantia Pact

Long-running discussions in the group and a sentiment of rejection of the supposed 'new guard' of micronationalism culminated the creation of the Constantia Pact, and the accompanying Encyclopædia Conpactia in October.

Named after the Australissian territory of Constantia, the self-styled 'warsaw-pact-esque coalition' contained delegations from TFG-associated States such as Babergh, Australis, Naveria, Garuda and the Confederate States. The alliance would continue to maintain an informal policy throughout its history of only taking in members associated with the social group.

Hamilton was elected to chair the organisation after the 2020 election, though eventually stepped down in early 2021 and was replaced by his deputy Liam Alexander. Under the chairmanship of Alexander, the Constantia Agreement was signed, de jure establishing the alliance.[1]

Cupertino Alliance

Constituency in Anthea

In February 2021, a constituency representing the community of The Fun Gang was created in the Glorious Anthean Republic, a community micronation project.[2]

During the 2021 Anthean general election, the constituency sent two members to parliament; Sertor Valentinus, an independent member; and Daniel Hamilton, representing the Anthea United Party.[3]

Members of Parliament

Election 1st Member 1st Party 2nd Member 2nd Party
2021 Daniel Hamilton Anthea United Party Sertor Valentinus Independent


2021 Anthean general election
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
AUP Daniel Hamilton 31 54.4 54.4
Independent Sertor Valentinus 26 45.6 45.6
Turnout 5 100 100
AUP win (new seat)
Independent win (new seat)


Due to Discord only allowing a maximum of ten users on a group DM at any time, this is also the limit for the number of people in TFG. Currently, eight out of ten positions are held, but in the past several vacancies have opened up over time.

Member Role Admittance
Daniel Hamilton Group owner: Monarch of Australis, MicroWiki Patroller 2 October 2020
Casper von Naveria Co-founder: Monarch of Naveria 2 October 2020
Brayden 'Mr.Lee' Eaves Co-founder: President of the Confederate States, MicroWiki@Discord moderator 2 October 2020[a]
Max Baez Duke of Garuda 4 October 2020
Sertor Valentinus Prime Minister of West Sayville, MicroWiki@Discord moderator 25 November 2020
Liam Alexander Monarch of Atiera, Chair of the Constantia Pact 18 December 2020
Christina Nowell Monarch of Cycoldia, MicroWiki@Discord moderator 2 January 2021
Cristian Dobrev President of Plushunia 26 February 2021


Member Membership Notes
David Easterling 7 October 2020–2 January 2021 Kicked; inactivity
Alexandra “TrainGirl01” 15 November 2020–2 January 2021 Kicked; inactivity
Jayden Lycon 16 November–18 December 2020 Withdrew
Archie Birch 18 December 2020–25 February 2021 Withdrew
Zed Smith 2 October 2020-3 March 2021 Kicked
Cameron Koehler 11 December 2020-30 March 2021 Kicked
Aidan McGrath 3 March–11 April 2021 Withdrew



A common practice within TFG is getting 'cancelled'. This involves being removed from the group by Daniel Hamilton and re-added within seconds, often due to something said by the cancelled individual being regarded as "cringe".

Every member of TFG has been cancelled, with it even having become a rite of passage for all new members of the group. Often during the short period of time the cancelled individual has been removed, a controversial micronationalist will be added in their place for less than a minute. This has led to several micronationalists having been members of TFG for mere seconds without realising, most notably Yaroslav Mar and Dionisiy Tezdzhan-Smahin.

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  1. Left, rejoined on 2 January 2021.


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