The Federal Republic of Octavia

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Octavia or formally called The Federal Republic of Octavia is a North American Micronation that takes up 0.0024% of Newburyport. that's 7092 Square feet. It was founded and is Run by Liam C with help from Hugo L and Sam B as Territory leaders

Territories and Divisions

Octavia consists of 3 Territories, the Mainland, Altan and Tarkoav. All are monitored and ruled by Liam C., alongside Samuel B. and Hugo L., who rule Altan and Tarkoav, respectively.

Out of the 3 territories, Altan is the largest, spanning 3542 square feet. Tarkoav is the smallest, spanning 1,764 square feet.


The Octavian Government is based off a theory. "Can a free world be run under a dictator?" The Answer is Yes. The over 263 day old Octavian Experiment is a complete success showing no sign of backing down. The Dictator Liam C has been ruling over soverign states for over 4 years and is the proud Dictator For Life of Octavia