The Ethicracy of Meza Tero

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Ethicracy of Meza Tero.

The Ethicracy of Meza Tero is A sovereign Nation That prefers Ethics over Greed.

The Nobility The ĉefo has a right to Make Decisions as long as it isn't against our Constitution or code of Ethics.

Ethicracy summed Up is a Mixture of Democracy and Monarchy Designed to put Ethics Over Greed.

Our Constitution

Our Constitution under the Ideals of the Ethicracy states the rules that cannot be changed. 1 All Citizens are Entitled to the freedom to Vote 2 Citizens Don't have to Vote if they Don't want to. 3 Only one Tax can Exist which is the Budget Tax 4 The Tax cannot Exceed 2% of Citizens Earnings. 5 Citizens have a right to Vote against the tax when ever it is brought up. 6 If 50% or more Vote against it the Tax Will Be inactive 7 If the Tax is inactive 75% or more Citizens have to Vote yes to the Tax for it to be active again. 8 The Elder Council cannot request The Tax Vote to make the Tax Active until at least 365 Days since it was last Voted Inactive. 9 Any Crimes against Humanity whether it be for Religious reasons or not will Not be Tolerated. 10 Crimes against Humanity Include but aren't Limited to rape murder Child Abuse Slavery and Genocide. 11 All Imported goods Must be Inspected By Customs. 12 If you Commit a Crime Against Humanity with Evidence you will be Striped of your Citizenship. 13 The Age of Consent is 18 Years and Over. 14 Counterfeiting Currency is forbidden. 15 All Laws Must follow the Code of Ethics.

Code Of Ethics The Code Of Ethics is a set of rules that cannot be changed. This also works as a guide line for new Laws.

1 All Bills Must Be Explained in a way that is easy to understand.

2 Julian's Law Anyone whistleblowing will be protected by Julian's Law

2 Propaganda is against the code of Ethics Citizens have the right to think for themselves.

3 All Citizens have a right to a trial.

4 Bribing Is forbidden by our government this includes Lobbying. (Money Corrupts)

5 Right to privacy for all Citizens within Reason.

6 Law 7X When in a company the CEO can only make up to 7 times the amount of the lowest paid employee.


Those Wishing for Citizenship Will have to pass a Citizenship test.

Citizenship Vote if 50% or More of the Citizens Voting Vote yes for your Citizenship you will Pass the Vote.

In Order to become a Citizen you must both pass the test and The Citizenship Vote.

You also can only become a Citizen if the Med Ratio doesn't Exceed a Healthy level.

Note Doctors Can Become Citizens Regardless of the Med Ratio.

Med Ratio

The Med Ratio Determines the amount of Medical Care Available and Doctors per Citizen.

Healthy Level: 1 Doctor per 15 Citizens is a Healthy Level.

Unhealthy Level: 1 doctor per 16 or More Citizens.