The Diarchic Empire of Apachiland

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The Diarchic Empire of Apachiland

“Una Sumus!”(Latin: “Together we stand!”)
Apache(Orchestral Version)
Location: Lower Quinton, Warwickshire, UK
Capital cityApachea
Official language(s)English, Welsh, Apachan, Apacheôn
DemonymApachean, Apachi, Apachian
- PresidentFranz Sweden
- KingApache I
- KingCooper I
- Type - Parliament
- Number of seats - 10
- Last election - Unknown
Established4 April 2017
CurrencyApachan Pound
Current status: Defunct

Apachiland, officially The Diarchic Empire of Apachiland is a now-defunct small micronation that resides in Lower Quinton, Warwickshire, United Kingdom. The country was founded on 4 April 2017 by two English students who would later go on to become Apachiland's two Kings. The Empire is no longer in existence due to the abdication of both monarchs and a government reformation in May 2020. A referendum soon afterward favored a republic in place of the former monarchy. A link to that page is here: Apachiland

Micronational Diplomacy

These are countries with embassies in the Kingdom of Apachiland:

  • Holy Kingdom of Alanland
  • Principality of Greater Princia
  • Empire of Nirfo
  • Grand Principality of Holloway
  • Semi-Independent Domain of West Cupboardia

Apachan Pact

The Apachan Pact is a military, diplomatic and research alliance between these micronations:

  • Kingdom of Apachiland
  • Holy Kingdom of Alanland
  • Principality of Greater Princia
  • Grand Principality of Holloway
  • Semi-Independent Domain of West Cupboardia
  • Vlasynia
  • New Rizalia
  • Principality of Egan
  • Kingdom of New Yankeeland
  • Republic of Agelonia

Observer States

  • Empire of Nirfo


Boxing Day Putsch

26 December 2017 - 5 January 2018 On Boxing Day (26 December) 2017 the King of Apachiland undertook a Monarchist Coup d'état and assumed over the Apachiland Government. Then-President Cooper responded by sending a diplomatic request to forfeit his claim as the leader of Apachiland. The King refused and declared war on what was now called Free Apachiland. On the 27 December 2017 the King took control over the mainland. On 1 January 2018 the Loyalist Army began a 3-day siege of the capital. This lead to the capture of the Capital and the eventual surrender of the King on 5 January 2018.

Operation Casum

Operation Casum was a recently declassified document detailing the siege of 'King's County' near Apachea. The operation took place on the 3rd of January 2018 and involved the ALF and the ? Force (The name of this force was blacked out on the documents, but later discovered to be ? after further forensic investigation). This was the deadliest part of the coup for the Monarchists with 37 casualties inside the County and a further 13 in the King's Palace.

Apachan Space Agency

Founded on the 12 November 2017 the Apachan Space Agency (ASA), is the National Space Administration for the Kingdom of Apachiland. Its first launch (Fox 1) launched an unmanned weather probe into LEO(Low Earth Orbit) where it will stay until 20 May 2020.

Apachan Military Buildup of 2018

In April 2018 the King Apache I and President Cooper made a deal where both the King and the President could be Generals. President Cooper then made a decree to increase the Apachan Military to over 200 personal. The King took control over the Air Force and AAS with the President taking control of the Navy and the rest of the special forces including the ? force.

Government & politics


The Constitution of the Kingdom of Apachiland (To put it briefly) states that all citizens shall have the right to feel safe and secure within their country, that all citizens shall have all Basic Human Rights set out by the United Nations and that the Kingdom of Apachiland shall use its Military only if there is absolutely no other option. (The full constitution can be read at

Royal Family and Presidency

The Royal Family of Apachiland consists of two Kings, Queens or a combination of both, including all of their relatives, Knights, Lords and anyone the King or Queen sees fit to become a Monarch. As the country is a Diarchy, there are two heads of state. King Apache I is the head of the House of Vaughan and King Cooper I is the head of the House of Cooper. Currently neither King has an heir to the throne. The constitution of Apachiland stipulates that if a Royal Family member has a child that is a girl and later goes on to have a second child that is a boy, the eldest child will always keep their position in line to the throne no matter the gender.

Order of Succession

Presidential Succession If the President were to suddenly step down, go missing et cetera, the Order of Succession is as follows:

  • Vice-President
  • Highest Ranking MP
  • Highest Ranking Chancellor
  • Minister of Defense
  • Highest Ranking Military Officer
  • King or Queen
  • Duke highest in line to the throne

Designated Survivor

This is a classified Letter detailing who will be given charge of the government if none of these people are alive or able to do the duties involved. It has the name and details of someone who the President has picked very carefully to take charge if all else fails.

Royal Succession

If the King or Queen were to suddenly abdicate, go missing et cetera, the order of succession is as follows:

  • Heir Apparent
  • Heir Apparent's oldest Child
  • King or Queen's next oldest Child
  • Duke highest in line to the throne
  • Current President

Letter of Last Resort

This is a classified Letter detailing who will be the King or Queen if none of the above options are alive or able to do the duties involved. It has the name and details of someone who the King or Queen has handpicked to take the throne.

League of Micronations

On the 16 February 2018, the Kingdom of Apachiland sent out a formal request to the LoMN (League of Micronations) to request membership to the organization. They sent the request on behalf of the populous as they had recently held a referendum to see if the general population would agree to membership. The population voted 82% in favor of joining. Around 3 hours later the LoMN replied stating that the Kingdom of Apachiland could join as long as they remained politically neutral and accepted the LoMN's constitutional law.


The Apachan Government is a Diarchy and is ruled currently by the Conservative Party of Apachiland. There are 10 seats to be filled in total.

Party Name Leader(s) Members Seats
Conservative Party of Apachiland Cooper 10 6
Apachan Social Liberal Party Sir General Franz Sweden 5 2
Monarchist Party of Apachiland King Apache I & King Cooper I 5 2
Communist Party of Apachiland Edvard Stal 4 0