The Constitution of All Begonian Provinces

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A newly found country, that of a constitution withholding the upstanding of any king hereafter in law. Not above it.

Here today in the county of Lindon, Begonia, We, The Sagist Committee as appointed by the King, for the king, and With the King. The day is October The Second, Two Thousand and Nineteen in the score of year and date. Hereby are the laws, upstanding and logic of our great nation.

Article 1- Introduction


Today, we hereafter will state this the seed of our one government. Here are a series of 10 articles stating the upstanding and the foundations for our government, lending us stability and power for ourselves forevermore. Today in hope of a brighter future we have come to create two Branches of Government for ourselves. The branches should be Capitlegislator and Judiciary. The Capitlegislator branch should be a Council full of members from all parts of the region and the advisors of the Monarch with the head of the Council, the Monarch. The Judiciary branch should be a Council of elected legal representatives (Judges) for the people. The Judges will convict and try criminals, Judges are placed in a council much like the American Jury. It was decreed by Kaiser-Koenig Christoph I that Begonia will not start any form of war with any other nation unless provoked. Here, By Decree Under His and Her Imperial and Royal Majesties, Christopher and Emma is the CONSTITUTION OF BEGONIA

Article 2- The Laws  Of This Fair Kingdom


In order for one man to become limited by the law he has to learn it’s reason and understand what makes his country great, not his countries flaws and the treacherous lives of politicians, under the law, under god and our king. Any other law by reason that is established by Council will be reconciled here with our most prominent statements of truth and freedom forever.


Concerning the rights of anyone citizen of our great nation, many people will be concerned. You have the right to speech. You have the right to privacy, to be on your own. You will have the many liberties of any human, such as the right to live, eat and breathe.


As to the king, anyone citizen is not allowed to be near or simply dangling around with His Majesty. Many of people are allowed to visit with His Majesty in scheduled appointments or in their nobility, urgent talks in private sessions are tolerated.


Treasonous activity, although, will not be tolerated, Rebellions and revolts will be executed.


When one has views, he will cast his vote with his town representatives, they will represent his/her small voice.  Protests are legal, but when taken too far will be executed.


Attempts to assassinate or conspire to assassinate any political figure is a charge of treason. Attempting anyone persons life will be a means of circumstance, but can gain a citizen execution, lest it be a duel/ Consensual Shooting. These must follow the following commandments,

  • A doctor must be present
  • Each participant must have a second.
  • Each must follow the 10-pace rule (Only firing after both duelers are 20 paces apart)
  • Each dueler must write a Last Will and Testament and have a Preparation Letter for the family.

Each man/woman will be given three turns at a shot each, any after that will be considered unprofessional and unlawful. Under the circumstances of a victim, the perpetrator will be given a maximum of 10 years in Begonian Prison (because of mutual agreement and readiness).


When a person is approached by law enforcement he/she is allowed to remain silent, this is exempt from the questions an officer asks. If/when a person is stopped in action by a law enforcement officer, he/she must remain obedient as they are the representatives of the crown, and disrespect to the crown will not be tolerated.


Our gracious majesty must never go above our or the laws of God, our father. When our king does not obey as such he must be reminded. Unless all of our Government has become crooked, our good King must never be allowed to do anything without good reason and explanation. No one person cannot be tried without reason or evidence that the court has something against them.



LAW OF NICOTINE AND NARCOTIC  PRODUCTS MMXIX, No Nicotine Products or Narcotics will be accepted or tolerated in the Kingdom Of Begonia.

LAW OF ALCOHOLIC PRODUCTS MMXIX, No one single person shall possess alcoholic products without the released permit stating so.

LAW OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA MMXX, Medical Marijuana will be tolerated in The Begonian Kaiserreich, but not for recreational use.

LAW OF TREATISE AND ACCEPTANCE MMXX, No begonian province will enter a treaty or alliance unless said country has a head of state and/or a constitution to take heed of laws.

LAW OF MEDICAL CARES AND CITIZEN HEALTH MMXX, Every Begonian citizen has an option to pay a regular, annual 25% Income tax to go to The Federal Medical Aid System. If they do so, they will not have to pay for any medical care in the Kaiserreich.

POLLUTION AND LIVESTOCK ACT MMXX, No meats will come into Begonia if not processed inside North Carolina, or inside the Kaiserreich. By April, Begonia WILL have an Agriculture program.

BEGONIAN ECONOMIC IMPERIAL LAW MMXX, The Begonian Imperial Stone Standard is one that will rely on Stone, Plastic Bottles, and Aluminum Cans. With the caps and lids representing each bottle and can. Each bottle will represent 2 Marks, and each can 10. Each stone piece will be worth 50 Marks.

One Reichsmark is worth 75 US cents, 2 Kings, 10 Delixpences. 50 Pfenning, 100 Ore

A King is a Half of a Reichsmark, (37 US Cents)

Delixpence (⅕ of a Mark, 15 US Cents)

Pfennig (1/50 Of a Mark, 2 US Cents)

Ore -(1/100 of a Mark, 1 US Cent)

LAW OF TREATISE AND ACCEPTANCE, ARTICLE B MMXX, The Begonian Kaiserreich will now only enter formal diplomatic* relations with M(a/i)cronations who will help and benefit The Empire in some way, shape, or form. All previous alliances and relations are stable (Pre July 4th, 2020) and will not be broken unless a future conflict occurs.

*Diplomatic meaning with an Ambassador, Treatise/Alliance and direct Head of State contact on foreign affairs (This does not include bilateral recognition which Begonia will accept from any Micronation/Macronation and members of Unions. While we consider them allies, they are Informal. They can send ambassadors but we will only enter relations because of these groups, unless, like said before they can help The Empire)

You are a freed people. In order to stay in balance and in peace, contact must be made please if you would like to petition a law or right you can contact the Kaiser himself ( .