The Communist Republic Of The Forge

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This Is Our Mighty National Mascot [[File:]] , We are a communist nation stationed in the county of Dublin, Ireland. We are bent on destroying capitalism. We do not want war, but we will kill anyone to defend our nation. Any other communists can join an alliance with us. We have a dictatorship, and our own brand of the KGB. We also hope to become friends with fellow communists.

Our glorious leader: Ben Sharon, Dictator of the CRF

Our military is prepared to protect our glorious leader, and any threats to the nation. Our KGB leader is Ned Kelly he is ready to kill all capitalists he has killed so many people he has no regard for human life. The KGB have weapons such as Thomas the thermonuclear bomb he can wipe out an entire nation with ease. The KGB leaders have an amazing power to turn up their body temperature up to 20 degrees celsius to survive Stalingrad winters.

We have quite a few branches with over 50 members we're currently recruiting more.

KGB leader Ned Kelly is starting a new communist republic, he will be allies with the Communist Republic of the Forge.