The Birch Kingdom

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The Birch Kingdom

Let Right Be Done
Capital cityBirch City
Largest cityBirch City
Official religion(s)None Official
Short nameBirch
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
Area claimed0.33 sq/m
CurrencyPound Sterling
Time zoneGMT +-0
National sportCricket
National animalPhesant

The Birch Kingdom, is a self-declared sovereign state but is more commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers. The Birch Kingdom was established on 3rd of March 2019 after the leader found out about micronationalism.


The name of the nation comes from the types of trees found around the home of the leader.


On March 3rd 2019, the leader of the nation created the Birch Republic but later on made it a kingdom after learning democracy in micronations can be hard. Soon after the leader met Archie Birch and became friends following realizing his last name was the same as his nation's name. On June 19th 2019, the leader presumably left the micronational community as communications beyond this point have returned with nothing.


The Kingdom has a square area of 39 meters with a population of 6. Its population density is 0.15 per square meter. The capital city of the Birch Kingdom is Birch City. The capital is located in a singular house in the high part of Derbyshire, United Kingdom


Same-sex sexual activity Recognition of same-sex unions Same-sex marriage LGB people allowed to serve openly in military? Anti-discrimination laws concerning sexual orientation Laws concerning gender identity/expression
Always legal Always legal Always legal Always legal Legal protection against all types of discrimination. Transgender persons can change their legal gender and name without surgeries or judicial permission.

Foreign Relations

Recognized Nations:


  • The Birch-Misberian Cooperation Pact was created by the 2 nations of The Birch Kingdom and Third Kingdom of Misberia on 5 March 2019. It was created because the 2 nations had been getting closer and closer and thought that they would benefit from an alliance.
  • Union of Stella Primum, joined March 10th 2019, union soon went inactive afterward.


The communications of the Birch Kingdom are mainly based on its Discord