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Tentacion (July 2017)

Tentacion is a short lived rebellion of the Kingdom of Baustralia. After the bloodless Battle of Tentacion Creek, Baustralia avoided war by creating a commonwealth consisting of Tentacion. This formed the Baustralian Commonwealth of Tentacion.

July 2–31, 2017
Flag of Tentacion (2017).png
Tentacion COA.png
Coat of arms
Other languagesEnglish
EstablishmentJuly 2, 2017
July 2
31, 2017
Currency﷼ (Yemeni rial)
Time zoneEST/EDT
RIS 002 codeTN
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Today part of Ostreum


The name originated from the Spanish word for temptation: tentación. The idea of naming the country Tentacion came from a recently popular american rapper named XXXTentacion.


The nation happened when Tentacion split without consent from Jacob I. The at the time absolute monarchy didn't recognize this as a self governing nation, but more as a rebellious government. Because the capital happened to be in this area, they moved it to avoid any complications in the future. This also led the monarchy to drop it as territory and reform the government at the new capital. When this new government was made, they and the newly appointed prime minister decided to try and regain the territory.


The military was involved in one single conflict, the Battle of Tentacion Creek. They guarded Tentacion due to threats from the Baustralian government to declare war to try and take back the area. The bloodless battle lasted for 29 days before deciding to form a commonwealth and take the country as a external territory.