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This is a template used to help build top icons, the little (usually 20x20 pixels) icons in the top-right area of a page. The template uses the page status indicator system.


{{Top icon
| imagename    = Image file to use as icon.
| wikilink     = The page to link to. This is where you will be taken when clicking the icon.
| description  = The tooltip will display this text when the mouse pointer hovers over the icon.
| id           = A unique id is required when using different top icons on the same page.

Extra options:

| sortkey      = Allows ordering the icons according to the sortkey given.
| width        = Uses a different width for the images. Default is 20.
| height       = Uses a different height for the images. Default is 20.
| usercat      = Adds a category to be added in userspace.
| maincat      = Adds a category to be added in article mainspace.
| subpage      = For categorization on subpages (default = no).
| nocat        = Disables the automatically added category (default = no).


{{Accountcreator topicon}}
{{Rollback topicon}}
{{Autopatrolled topicon}}