Template:SUNP Cabinet

The SUNP Cabinet
Office Name Term
President {{{pres}}} {{{pres-date}}}
General Secretary of State {{{gensec}}} {{{gensec-date}}}
Chancellor {{{chan}}} {{{chan-date}}}
Chairman of the People's Assembly {{{pres}}} {{{pres-date}}}
Chairman of the People's Council {{{chpc}}} {{{chpc-date}}}
Commander-in-Chief of the SUDF {{{pres}}} {{{pres-date}}}
Adjutant-in-Chief of the SUDF {{{gensec}}} {{{gensec-date}}}
Supreme Justice Commissioner {{{pres}}} {{{pres-date}}}
Administrator of the People's Revolutionary Guard {{{prg}}} {{{prg-date}}}
Superintendent of the United Police Forces {{{chan}}} {{{chan-date}}}
Director of the Governmental News Service {{{prop}}} {{{prop-date}}}
Dean of the People's Academy of Pristinia {{{edu}}} {{{edu-date}}}
Governor of the Union Territories of Nemkhavia {{{nem}}} {{{nem-date}}}
Governor of the Union Territories of Pristinia {{{pris}}} {{{pris-date}}}
Chief of Ministerial Staff {{{chan}}} {{{chan-date}}}
Minister of the Interior {{{int}}} {{{int-date}}}
Minister of the Media {{{prop}}} {{{prop-date}}}
Minister of Social Affairs {{{edu}}} {{{edu-date}}}
Minister of the Intelligence Service {{{intel}}} {{{intel-date}}}
Minister of Culture {{{cult}}} {{{cult-date}}}
* - Provisional