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  • This particular feed is intended to showcase the best micronational journalism, reporting on major issues.
  • General content should be added to Template:Main Page/Internet newsfeed.
  • Original entertainment content should be added to MicroWiki:Media/Entertainment.
  • Analytical content and opinion pieces should be added to MicroWiki:Media/Other.
  • Eight headlines only - when adding new links, delete the one at the BOTTOM OF THE LIST.
  • If an addition to this feed is considered unsuitable by an administrator (e.g. should it not be from an approved publication (see below) or if the event reported on is not considered headline-tier), it will be moved to the appropriate newsfeed.

When adding headlines

  • Please use the flag of the nation in which the publication is based. It is irrelevant as to whether or not the publication reports mainly on international news; if it has a micronation in which it is based or with which it is otherwise primarily affiliated, it should use that micronation's flag (in the same way, a B.B.C. article would be given the British flag). The exceptions to this rule are the Coprieta Standard and the G.U.M. News, both of which are totally unaffiliated with any micronation.
  • A truly well-written article's first sentence or two should be good preview text.
  • Finish all previews with ellipses ("..."), even if the preview already finishes at the end of a sentence.
  • Do not include bylines, datelines, or similar pre-article matter (e.g. "MINSK —" or "John Citizen —") in previews.
  • Do not add "BREAKING". It is totally unnecessary.
  • Instead of using the hyphen character, please consider using the dash character (–).


As of 23 April 2015, the administration has decided to put in place a policy to the effect that only approved publications may post news to the headlines newsfeed. We have in recent months seen numerous articles posted which were not of a quality deemed suitable for the headlines. The list of approved publications is below - if your publication is not on the list, then please do not add an article to this newsfeed, but to "Other news". Approved publications have been chosen for their acceptable standard of writing and journalism. ONLY AN ADMINISTRATOR may add (or subtract) from this list, but users are welcome to request that their publications be considered for inclusion.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ A new policy concerning approved headlines has been put in place. Please ensure you have read and understood it before editing the newsfeed. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


Following weeks of deliberation and agreements, the final go-ahead has been made to begin work on the 2021 Micronational Workshop, to be hosted by the Commonwealth of Dracul. This event will feature numerous celebrity speakers including veteran micronationalists Niels of Flandrensis, Travis McHenry and Kevin Baugh...
Following his sudden hospitalization the President issued a Proclamation nominating three individuals to the Senate of New Virginia. If appointed through a vote of the House of Burgesses, one of the nominees would be the second Sandum citizen to be granted the position of Senator...
Under the new leadership of Minister for Foreign Affairs Sir Patrick Kenny, the Australissian Foreign Office has implemented an entirely new system for establishing diplomacy with Australis, in order to root out simulationist applicants from more serious applicants, and to further formalise the process...
During the last several days, big changes have taken place throughout Nordale, including an influx of Citizens as well as the dissolution of Administratio Prima. Beginning with the new influx of Citizens, Citizen-Minister Trace Fleeman y Garica, the Illustrious Citizen Eryn Lewis, and the Illustrious Citizen Joseph Kennedy all were granted Citizenship within the...
Before few weeks, His Holy and Royal Majesty introduced Codex Nobilitatem, Codex that regulates the noble titles. Codex Nobilitatem states following for the title of "King":"1. King/Queen - hereditary noble title given to the one person that rules over a Kingdom, and is the head of state of the Brienia" For the title of Prince/Princess, Codex Nobilitatem states following:"2. Prince/Princess - noble title given to either heir to the throne or relative of His/Her Holy...
By a joint decision of the Austenasian, Holy Roman, and Adammic thrones, yesterday evening saw the claim of Imvrassia to imperium fully recognised. On 1 January earlier this year, the Kingdom of Imvrassia declared itself an Empire, and its monarchs Aikaterini I and Stamatios I...
Today, with the creation and staffing of the Royal Rifles Regiment, comes new promotions within the Baustralian Army. Recruitment efforts by F.M. King John I, A.C.M. Lord Carleton, and Col. Greg Watts have brought the armies strength one member less than His Royal Navy, which has always been stronger than the Baustralian Army...
The Chief of the Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Lord Carleton announced today the formation of 3 (Royal Rifles) Regiment. This regiment was formed as part of a recruitment effort proposed by former Baustralian sergeant major and current Provost Marshal (Army) Colonel Greg Watts...