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  • This particular feed is intended to showcase the best micronational journalism, reporting on major issues.
  • General content should be added to Template:Main Page/Internet newsfeed.
  • Original entertainment content should be added to MicroWiki:Media/Entertainment.
  • Analytical content and opinion pieces should be added to MicroWiki:Media/Other.
  • Eight headlines only - when adding new links, delete the one at the BOTTOM OF THE LIST.
  • If an addition to this feed is considered unsuitable by an administrator (e.g. should it not be from an approved publication (see below) or if the event reported on is not considered headline-tier), it will be moved to the appropriate newsfeed.

When adding headlines

  • Please use the flag of the nation in which the publication is based. It is irrelevant as to whether or not the publication reports mainly on international news; if it has a micronation in which it is based or with which it is otherwise primarily affiliated, it should use that micronation's flag (in the same way, a B.B.C. article would be given the British flag). The exceptions to this rule are the Coprieta Standard and the G.U.M. News, both of which are totally unaffiliated with any micronation.
  • A truly well-written article's first sentence or two should be good preview text.
  • Finish all previews with ellipses ("..."), even if the preview already finishes at the end of a sentence.
  • Do not include bylines, datelines, or similar pre-article matter (e.g. "MINSK —" or "John Citizen —") in previews.
  • Do not add "BREAKING". It is totally unnecessary.
  • Instead of using the hyphen character, please consider using the dash character (–).


As of 23 April 2015, the administration has decided to put in place a policy to the effect that only approved publications may post news to the headlines newsfeed. We have in recent months seen numerous articles posted which were not of a quality deemed suitable for the headlines. The list of approved publications is below - if your publication is not on the list, then please do not add an article to this newsfeed, but to "Other news". Approved publications have been chosen for their acceptable standard of writing and journalism. ONLY AN ADMINISTRATOR may add (or subtract) from this list, but users are welcome to request that their publications be considered for inclusion.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ A new policy concerning approved headlines has been put in place. Please ensure you have read and understood it before editing the newsfeed. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


Grey Area member Adam Banici has been elected Juclandia’s President, ending the 6-year term of Ovia Bogi, in the aftermath of unprecedented elections impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic...
An unusual yet important constitutional debate has recently surfaced in Rhomania regarding the regnal name and numbering of current Basileus Emmanuel I & II...
Leon Montan, a prominent micronationalist was expelled from the Empire of Pavlov Tuesday by Aleksandr IV Feofanovych. It was announced later that morning. He stated, “Leon Tyronjevych (has been) banned from Pavlov and his subjectship (has been) terminated due to his insults against the Pavlovian nation...”
His Imperial Majesty Alexander IV, Defender of the Faith, Turtle and Elephants, may the Almighty God bless his reign, signed the Edict of Konstantinopolis dismissing Duke Krzysztof Slavomirovych Drakonov as First Consul for the year 7528 (2020 according to the Calendar of the Heretics), granting the title of Duchess of Epirus to Baroness Helena Aleksandrivna Kirsanova, and appointing her to replace Duke Drakonov...
On August 7th 2020, the Parliament of Iustus was officially prorogued by the Emperor, upon the advice of the Prime Minister. The prorogation occurred due to concerns of lack of communication between MPs in Parliament due to....
As the end of the parliamentary term approaches, there has been another rush of last-minute legislation that has been typical of the past few years. First amongst these was the government’s landmark Judicial Reform Act, Adammia’s longest bill ever at eight pages...
The Office of the President has confirmed the list of candidates for the upcoming August 2020 general election and has nominated the first three Senators. The general election will elect the first members of the House of Burgesses, which constitutes the Parliament alongside the President and Senate under the new Constitution. The House will be responsible for enacting Acts of Parliament and for nominating the Prime Minister...
Following the recent legislative victory of the National Royalists, they have continued their success the week after in the executive elections, called to replace the provisional ministry left after Patrick Renwick’s resignation and following the Concordiagate scandal and the reveal that several elections have been tampered in the past...
His Imperial Majesty Alexander IV, Defender of the Faith, Turtle, and Elephants, may the Almighty God bless his reign issued a letter of condemnation today to the President of the Republic of Turkey R.T. Erdogan. His Imperial Majesty cited the reasons for the condemnation it being "[..] against UNESCO norms"...