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Federal Kingdom of Formicad
Flag of Formicad.pngCoat of arms of Formicad.png

Currit iter bellum cum formicis!
[March of the Fire Ants]
Capital cityFederal City of Ontshire
Largest cityDamascus
Official language(s)English Pharamones
Official religion(s)Queenisam
GovernmentFederal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
- KingWilliam I
- Prime MinisterCharles Bono
- General SecretaryEthan Everest
LegislatureGeneral Assembly
- Type - Unicameral Parliament
- Number of seats - 6
Established3rd March 2019
Area claimed~ 2.31 square miles
Population13 (cencus as of 3/28/19)
(Ants make up 1 million of the population)
CurrencyUS Dollar ($) for International Trading/ Ant Credit (Ø) for in border purchases.
Time zoneUTC-CST
National animalAnt

Official Discord