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[[File:{{{image}}} |250px]]
MIS Code
Founded {{{founded}}}
Current operations {{{commenced}}}
Ceased operations {{{ceased}}}
Bases {{{bases}}}
Hubs {{{hubs}}}
Secondary hubs {{{secondary_hubs}}}
Focus cities {{{focus_cities}}}
Member lounge {{{lounge}}}
Alliance {{{alliance}}}
Subsidiaries {{{subsidiaries}}}
Fleet size {{{fleet_size}}}
Destinations {{{destinations}}}
Slogan {{{company_slogan}}}
Parent company {{{parent}}}
Headquarters {{{headquarters}}}
Key people {{{key_people}}}
Revenue {{{revenue}}}
Operating income {{{operating_income}}}
Net income {{{net_income}}}
Profit {{{profit}}}
Total assets {{{assets}}}
Total equity {{{equity}}}
Website {{{website}}}