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The {{{Name}}} Cabinet
Chair of the Board{{{Chairname}}}{{{Chairdate}}}
Lieutenant Chair{{{Lieutenant Chair1}}}{{{Lieutenant Chair date1}}}
Superior Judge{{{Superior Judge}}}{{{Superior Judge date}}}
Minister of Membership
{{{Attainment1}}}{{{Attainment date1}}}
Minister of Development
and Interstate Cooperation
{{{DIC1}}}{{{DIC date1}}}
Minister of European and
African Affairs
{{{EAF1}}}{{{EAF date1}}}
Deputy Minister of European and
African Affairs
{{{dEAF1}}}{{{dEAF date1}}}
Minister of American Affairs{{{America1}}}{{{America date1}}}
Deputy Minister of American Affairs{{{dAmerica1}}}{{{dAmerica date1}}}
Minister of Statistical Affairs{{{Statistics1}}}{{{Statistics date1}}}
Minister of Press and Promotion{{{Press1}}}{{{Press date1}}}
Minister of International Cooperation{{{International1}}}{{{International date1}}}
Minister of Technology{{{Technology1}}}{{{Technology date1}}}