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| name9a = {{{America1}}}
| name9a = {{{America1}}}
| term9a = {{{America1 date}}}
| term9a = {{{America1 date}}}
| office10 = Deputy Minister of Americann Affairs
| office10 = Deputy Minister of American Affairs
| name10a = {{{DeputyAmerica1}}}
| name10a = {{{DeputyAmerica1}}}
| term10a = {{{DeputyAmerica date1}}}
| term10a = {{{DeputyAmerica date1}}}

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The {{{Name}}} Cabinet
Chair of the Board{{{Chairname}}}{{{Chairdate}}}
Lieutenant Chair{{{Lietentant Chair1}}}{{{Lieutenant Chair date1}}}
Superior Judge{{{Superior Judge}}}{{{Superior Judge date}}}
Minister of Membership
{{{Attainment1}}}{{{Attainment date1}}}
Minister of Agreements,
Development, and Projects
{{{Agreements1}}}{{{Agreement date1}}}
Minister of Asian and
Oceanian Affairs
{{{Asian1}}}{{{Asian date1}}}
Deputy Minister of Asian
and Oceanian Affairs
{{{DeputyAsian1}}}{{{DeputyAsian date1}}}
Minister of American Affairs{{{America1}}}{{{America1 date}}}
Deputy Minister of American Affairs{{{DeputyAmerica1}}}{{{DeputyAmerica date1}}}
Minister of MicroWiki Affairs{{{MicroWiki1}}}{{{MicroWiki date1}}}
Minister of Public Affairs{{{Public1}}}{{{Public date1}}}
Minister of Environment
and Geographical Information
{{{Geography1}}}{{{Geography date1}}}
Minister of Technology{{{Technology1}}}{{{Technology date1}}}
Minister of Homeland Security{{{Homeland Security1}}}{{{Homeland Security date1}}}
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