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Logo of the Municipal Government
Municipal Government Mon

Region Sabia and Verona
Founded 2013

Government Municipality within an Overseas Territory
Lt. Secretary Ryam Piper (A)

– Associated citizens 17

Time zone VST (UTC-4:30)

The Municipality of Tegula (Pashqar: تاعاغول, Ta'agul) is one of the six municipalities that compose the Federal Juclandian Province of Sabia and Verona, and one of the two constituent municipalities of the Region of Verona. It's composed of two cities: Teg-af-Basïsh in the North and Vigilia in the South. It counts with three seats in the Chamber of Deputies for its three legislative districts (I Abra, II Pas and III Päzar). It is considered the capital of the Pashqaria movement, as it is the municipality with the highest number of Pashqari people, as well as it is the first Sabioveronese municipality to have recognized the Pashqar language as official. It is also the most populated municipality of Verona and the second most populated of Sabia and Verona after Salisse. Its current Lt. Secretary is Ryam Piper of the Convergence and Amity party. The Municipality is home to a large numbeer of 'A' supporters; during the May 2013 election it was the only municipality that voted for Strawberry Party (which later merged with the Free Suyu Front to become the Roots Party, which later became Convergence and Amity) as majority. The municipality is home to the infamous Pashqari mafia that trades illegal substances[1].


The municipality was founded as part of the plans of the government of Osez Kóvérsz to reform the subdivision of Verona. The Tegula City Council met for the first time on April 18, 2013. In the meeting, the councelours agreed to name Valentina Giallosso as theif Lieutenant Secretary, and Ryam Piper as their City Council Chairperson. On May 2013 Tegula became home to the Pashqari People's Party, the first political organisation representing a minority in Juclandia. The strong voice of the PMM and the precense of the Pashqari people in the municipality led the City Council to officialise the Pashqar language alongside Sabian on May 18, 2013[2], just about a month after the first meeting of the municipal legislature.

The Municipality has since December 2013 been divided into two cities. The two cities were originally known as Tegula-North and Tegula-South until May 2014 when they were renamed, Tegula-North as Teg-af-Basïsh and Tegula-South as Santafé de la Vigilia, or simply Vigilia. Vigilia is the only city in Sabia and Verona to count with its own Diocese apart from Salisse.