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Technocratic Party of Würdigeland

The Technocratic Party of Würdigeland (TPW), is a Würdige political party, representing the Liberals of Würdige politics.

Technocratic Party of Würdigeland
LeaderEmperor Arthur I
FoundedJune 6th, 2012
HeadquartersSouth Würdigestadt
Membership  (2012)7
IdeologySocial Liberalism
Political positionCenter-left to center-right
Official colorsDark Blue
Seats in the Parliament
5 / 7

Majority issues

The main reason of why the TPW holds the majority of chairs in the parliament, Is because most of Würdigeland's Senators are currently undecided on clear Ideals, The TPW represents a wide spectrum of ideals.


TPW has passed several projects in the Parliament, Including a Economical and Educational Reform.