Taylor (WS)

The Duchy of Taylor is the largest administrative region in Winterspell and the location of the national capital. Taylor is also tied for the least populated admin region in the nation with a permanent population of 0 though it is often populated for short periods of time throughout the year. The region was owned by the United States until 10 March 2021 when it was annexed by Winterspell.


Country Winterspell
Established 10 March 2021
Capital Vetrône
 - Type Absolute Monarchy
 - Duke Petrus Andreas
 - Total 8.37 km2 (3.2 sq mi)
Population (2021)
 - Total 0
 - Density 0/km2 (0/sq mi)
Demonym Tayloran
Time zone MST (UTC-7)
Area Code 1


The Duchy of Taylor is named for nearby Taylor Mountain.


Taylor is located in the Rocky Mountains and is a ponderosa pine woodland. Taylor includes Smith Lake and parts of Fox Creek, Rock Creek, and North Saint Vrain Creek. The region includes Taylor Mountain and is near the twin peaks.

Mt. Meeker as seen from Smith Lake


Not much is known about this specific area before its annexation by the United States in the 19th century. In 1854, the region was included in the Kansas Territory. After Kansas was inaugurated as a state on 29 January, 1861, the Taylor region and the rest of Colorado was left as unorganised territory until the creation of the Colorado Territory by outgoing US President James Buchanan. During this period, the area was first settled and used for cattle. On 1 August, 1876, Colorado was admitted as the 38th US state. During the 1970s, Taylor itself was developed with a new neighbourhood. On 10 March, 2021, Taylor was annexed by Winterspell.

Administrative divisions

Flag Name Type Ruler Area (km2) Population Image
None Vetrône Barony King Petrus I (as Baron) 0.007 0  
None Smith Lake Territory King Petrus I (as Duke) 8.36 0  


Culturally, Taylor is similar to typical American culture. It is where Petrus I holds his annual birthday celebration. This often includes the cooking of one or more meals, a pilgrimage to walk on the frozen Smith Lake, and a fire either in the Palais de Taylor fireplace or in a nearby campfire ring.