Tatiana of Nortiforss

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Her Serenity
Tatiana of Nortiforss CWW, COS, CSC,
Countess of Nortiforss
Director of the Department of Education and Culture
In office:
25 January, 2012 – 21 Febriary , 2013
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office reformed
Rector of the State University
In office:
10 February, 2012 - present
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Ambassador of the Princedom of Aysellant in Baltic Principality and Flandrensis
In office:
01 December, 2012 - present
Predecessor Office established
The Minister of Civil Affairs of the Princedom of Aysellant
In office:
21 February, 2013 - present
Personal information
Religion Christianity

Her Serenity Tatiana of Nortiforss, Countess of Nortiforss (Russian: Её Сиятельство Татьяна Нортифорсская, графиня Нортифорсс), born October 12, is a Aysellantean stateswoman.


Princedom of Aysellant