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Issues with the article

Jonathan, as someone from Glastieve who has been following the proceedings and feels a neutral voice could help you to see it from a rational perspective I would like to point out a number of problems I have with the New Community article. First, Mark has gone into great detail regarding his reasons for founding the New Community in this document: Second, a combination of 'condemnation, indifference, or humour' can hardly be described as 'near-unanimous' since unanimity requires all parties to share one stance and three have clearly been shown. Third, Mark is not the only member, there are currently around 20 members, maybe more if you count affiliated citizens of nations such as Nedland, Glastieve or Masuhet. Fourth, I would appreciate you not accusing Glastieve of 'self-aggrandizement' through the New Community as members of both communities are individuals not countries and this was an entirely independent venture.

Thank you for your time.
Tom McMillan (talk) 23:15, 29 August 2017 (UTC)

Could this please be unprotected?

Heh, nice work on this page Jonathan, could you just unprotect it please so other people can edit it - I think I'll let some other people do it to avoid the irony. Just don't forget that while you're laughing at us, we're laughing at you too ;)

Mark S. Kavanah (talk) 12:45, 29 August 2017 (UTC)


Can some please explain this utter nonsense to me? by Edwin Farrar (talk)

Jonathan wrote this article in response to an ongoing dispute between myself and the administration of MicroWiki regarding my right to create a wiki article on the New Community and on my right to publish news articles to the main page newsfeed on the same topic. This article was written as a swipe at me, Glastieve and the New Community and to re-enforce their position in this argument. This is also why the page is protected form being edited; presumably the admins didn't want me or somebody else coming along and editing it and starting the argument back up - to the admins, I assume this is a quite a neat and tidy resolution to the issue. At least technically, I get my page, and they get to insult me and claim that the New Community is my invention or something. They also seem to think that I control Glastieve.
But yeah, in essence the page is a political statement by either Jonathan or the entire admin team against me, and by extension the New Community, the MAFE and Glastieve (they're really pulling out all the stops. I wonder if somebody will remember the Progressive Micronational Forum or start calling me Kerry Stapleton; I wouldn't be surprised at this point, given the level of childishness the admin team are sinking to. Well, it just proves my point about the problems with the community).
I hope this answers your question,
Mark S. Kavanah (talk) 17:59, 30 August 2017 (UTC)