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(VOTING (opens 00:00 UTC on 25 December))
(VOTING (opens 00:00 UTC on 25 December))
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**[[Commonwealth of Uskor]]
**[[Commonwealth of Uskor]]
**[[Commonwealth of New Virginia]]
**[[Commonwealth of New Virginia]]
**[[State of Zenrax]]

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Micronationalism Guide drafts

Readers are invited to suggest edits.

The Amerston Law Project has useful guides on legislative drafting. These are being steadily published in parts.

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Language
    • This explains the principles of plain English, which is a communications policy adopted by many macronational governments. It is applicable to all formal writing, not just legislation.


Chair elections, December 2020

Electoral Calendar:

  • 11th December - Nominations open
  • 18th December - Nominations close; campaigning starts
  • 25th December - Campaigning ends; voting starts
  • 1st January - Voting ends; winner takes office as 30th Chair.


The rules for nominations and voting, as always, are as follows:

  • Only registered delegates may stand for Chair - not nations.
  • Voting may be done publicly or by private ballot to the Chairman.
  • Any delegate is entitled to run for Chair.
  • Only delegations of full members may vote.
  • Member states have one vote.
  • Any candidate can withdraw their nomination at any time.
  • Candidates must nominate themselves, or must have been nominated by the sitting Chairman at their request.
  • Elections use the first past the post voting system. The candidate with the highest number of votes wins. If the election goes to deadlock, a run-off is held between the tied candidates. The winner takes office at 00:01 UTC on 1 January 2021.
  • The Vice-Chair shall be appointed in the following way: the newly elected Chair shall select a delegate, who must be confirmed as Vice-Chair by the Quorum to be appointed as such. If the Quorum does not, then the Chair shall select other delegates until the Quorum accepts one. In this way, the holder of the office shall enjoy the confidence both of the Chair and of the Quorum as a whole.



  • Name, Republic of Example


VOTING (opens 00:00 UTC on 25 December)


  • Name, Republic of Example
    • Kingdom of Vote-example


  • None of the above


GUMlogo nowriting2.png Grand Unified Micronational: Date and Time TBA GUMlogo nowriting2.png
  • Opening
  • Membership applications
  • Associate Justice Confirmations
  • Addition of Duke Bradley to the Advisory Council
  • Creation of appointed advisor to the Chair
  • Results of the the 24 Hour Quorum Survey and the Quorum time Survey.
  • Observer Organisations
  • Addition of a Second Vice Chair
  • Sister Cities Project
  • Any Other Business
  • Closing

Venue: Discord server

Please feel free to add things you wish to be discussed about, all issues, events and other comments, below. Please do elaborate on what it is that you want to be discussed or voted on.

How to join‽

I would like the Timonocite Empire in the GUM.His Excellence Great Emperor Eshaan I (talk-nation) 18:05, 9 July 2020 (UTC)

You need to be 13 or older to join. So you can join in 2023. But Cubia could have joined as soon as it was founded. BSMMedia (talk) 18:33, 9 July 2020 (UTC)

Check GUM/Ratifications for more. BSMMedia (talk) 18:35, 9 July 2020 (UTC)