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({{flaglist|Empire of Mekniy}})
({{flaglist|Empire of Mekniy}})
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**[[Empire of Austenasia]]
**[[Empire of Austenasia]]
**[[Shorewellese Empire]]
===Micronationalism Guide drafts===
===Micronationalism Guide drafts===

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Empire of Mekniy

Micronationalism Guide drafts

Readers are invited to suggest edits.



GUMlogo nowriting2.png Grand Unified Micronational: 8 December Quorum, 21:00 UTC (16:00 EST / 13:00 PST / 9 December 08:00 AEDT) GUMlogo nowriting2.png

Venue: Discord server

Please feel free to add things you wish to be discussed about, all issues, events and other comments, below. Please do elaborate on what it is that you want to be discussed or voted on.

Jupiter's Proposal

To be frank, the GUM needs more energy. Long text meetings are tedious and pointless at times. We believe that this comes from an aversion to dealing with Micronational or even the general micronational community's issues.

We propose this is solved by the three proposals below.

1.Office for Community Affairs


The Grand Unified Micronational is separate from the MicroWiki Community, I know. The truth however is that we use the wiki and most members are part of the community. I believe that we need to be more involved in the MicroWiki Community and the other communities (the Facebook is a big untapped group). By having an Office dedicated to making sure we have outreach in these Communities we can know when to step in if needed.

Other organizations

The GUM should be able to join other organizations as an observer. Many international organizations can observe in other ones. For example, the EU is an observer to the UN. This will benefit the GUM by allowing us to be able to truly know the community and represent our interests better.

Saying this, the GUM should allow other organisations to observe including NGOs. Allowing Inter-Micronational and Non-Governmental organizations to have their say in the GUM would provide more cohesion between many groups. Also the NGOs might be able to assist the GUM Secretariats when needed.


"Advisory instead of guides"

The micronations guides, while a good idea are not being as useful as they can be. They require a lot of work and mostly contain basic advice and generalizations. So, instead of the guides we would have a Micronational Advisory.

The Micronational Advisory would be quite like Big Brother Big Sister. A well established micronation (a member) would get paired with a smaller or new micronation. The larger micronation would then advise the smaller one to getting more established.

"Resource library"

We would compile online resources and documents for better micronational development from developed states. Constitutions, Records, Advice, Art, anything that could help. Basically what the Micronational Historical Society tried to do.

The GUM's website, or a separate site/the wiki, would be used to store documents and artifacts submitted by members of the GUM. For example, Jupiter's Records Office can give scanned originals of our first consititution and our most recent version to show how we updated and changed. Then a new micronation can see if they need to change anything in their constitution.

3. Image

I'll admit, the NC movement hurt our view a little. Sometimes we are elitists, it took Jupiter three applications before we were accepted. While a stable member base is needed and wanted, every applicant can bring something to the table. For example , the GUM denied a Sandus application because of the "feud" for lack of a better word with one member state.

To have a better image we need to reach out to members we think would bring something to the table instead of them coming to us. If there are micronations that would help this organization then let them join. For example: Molossia or all the countries in MicroFrancophonie (I know UPO is in MicroFrancophonie).

Please consider my nation's proposals.