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Personal views and controversies

Despite acting as neutral as possible on his role as monarch, Arthur has declared several times to be a commited Liberal, standing for economic and social freedom; he is a stauncher supporter of the LGBT rights, the right to keep and bear arms (with a few reservations), the liberalization of most drugs, full religious freedom and secularism and freedom of speech. In contrast with what he support, he spoke against radical ultramontan conservatism and has being active in get religion out of politics.

Controversial to his defense of religious freedom and freedom of speech, as High King, Arthur II has outlawed at least two protestant cults and has issuing decrees against Neo-charismatic protestan denominations whose actions are interpreted as contradicting the same constitutional guarantees of freedom the High King swore to defend on oath. This has led to little internal criticism and it seems to have affected Ebenthal's diplomacy. Some radical catholic groups aren't out of picture, as well, being shut down for spoke against personal freedom over their religious views.

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