Taipanese People's Republics

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Taipanese People's Republics



Taipanese PR Flag (2013).png
Flag (2013)
Taipanese PR Emblem (2013).png
Emblem (2013)

"Prevent cancer before suffering"

Taipan PR (2013)(orthographic projection).png
Capital cityTaikyo
Official language(s)Japanese,English
GovernmentOne-party socialist republic
- PresidentLuke Walker (2013)
LegislatureNational People's Congress
Established18 October 2013
CurrencyTaipanese yen

Taipanese People's Republics (TPR), was a micronation made up of two former people's republics: Eastern Okinoshima Island and Pyondu. Mainland Taipan was located in East Asia, Pyondu was located on Great Britain. The country was a One-party socialist republic. Although Taipan was officially a Japanese-style people's republic, elections are held. During the Okinoshima Island Revolution, People's Army of Okinoshima Island conquered Eastern Okinoshima Island. Eastern Okinoshima Island became independent from Japan on 17 October 2013, next day Luke Walker, proclaimed the establishment of the Taipanese People's Republics. Taipan declared independence in 2013 from Japan in mainland Taipan, and from United Kingdom in Pyondu from following a declaration of president, Luke Walker sent to both governments, Japan and United Kingdom, on 19 October 2013.


Okinoshima Island Revolution

The Okinoshima Island Revolution was not a violent revolution, no casualties. It was revolution to breakaway from Japan between two forces, forces of the Council of Okinoshima Island who supports the Japanese government, forces of the People's Army of Okinoshima Island. The revolution began on 6 October 2013, ended on 17 October 2013. The People's Army of Okinoshima Island conquered Eastern Okinoshima Island.

Establishment of the Taipanese People's Republics

Revolutionary flag of Taipan

Major combat in the Okinoshima Island Revolution ended on October 17 with the Communist Party in control of Eastern Okinoshima Island. On 18 October 2013, Luke Walker proclaimed the establishment of the Taipanese People's Republics.

Socialist Republic of Taipan

Socialist Republic of Taipan

2013 — 2014

SR Taipanese Flag (2013-2014).png
Flag (2013-2014)
SR Taipanese Emblem (2013-2014).png
Emblem (2013-2014)

Onward Taipan
SR Taipan (2013-2014)(orthographic projection).png
Capital cityTaikyo
Official language(s)Japanese,English
GovernmentMarxist-Leninist single-party democracy
- PresidentLuke Walker (2013-2014)
LegislatureNational Assembly
CurrencyTaipanese yen

On 9 December 2013, the national legislature of the TPR, presided by Luke Walker, held an extraordinary meeting in order make some, at first, largely cosmetic constitutional changes. The name of "Taipanese People's Republics" was officially changed to "Socialist Republic of Taipan" (SRT), introducing the red in the Taipanese flag, also the Coat of arms has changed. The National Anthem, military symbols and the national legislature were also changed.