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IndustryMedia, particularly YouTube
FounderMatthew P. P. Tonna
Area served
 Melite and its Districts.
OwnerChristian Nationalist Party of the DCRMelite Logo.pngC.N.P. Formerly
Number of employees
ParentCoat of Arms of Melite.svg Melitian Government

TVMelite Is the State Television of Melite (The Democratic Christian Republic of Melite), and has only recently stopped serving as the Propaganda Wing for the Christian Nationalist Party.

It is mostly based on YouTube. It is modelled on KCTV


The Channel Currently has 61 Subscribers as of 25/11/2021.


TVMelite News - Occasional News Bulletin on the situation of the whole of Melite and YeLand, and also honorary mentions of Allies.

Date News in Melite Foreign News Weather (To be Introduced)
28.11.2021 Results of the 2021 General Election Duckionary opens an embassy in New Mexico, with the State secretary rejoicing the expansion of the Duckionarian Network of "Citizens and Ambassadors."

Vishwamitra Elects a Prime Minister and the GSP gains 2 seats in the Vishawamitran Parliament.

Not yet introduced.

Significant Events covered by TVMelite



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Channel Signoff