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(Former members)
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|[[Max Baez]]
|[[Max Baez]]
|[[Johann Kümmel]]
|[[Johann Kümmel]]
|[[Alexander I, King of Lytera|Alexander I]]
|[[Cristian Dobrev]]
|Robert Smith
|Brennan Sulivan
|Anna Telford
|Anna Telford
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| 14 December 2020
| 14 December 2020
|Brennan Sulivan
|President of Tesfordia
|January 2021
| [[Cristian Dobrev]]
| President of [[Plushania]]
| 26 January 2021
====Former members====
====Former members====

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Tough Organisation of Elite Stuff
TOES server photo.png
Former namesThe Trio, The Trio™️
Motto"I will have sex with Peter Griffin."
"be gay do crime"
TypePrivate group chat
Founded25 December 2019
LanguageEnglish, Arabic
Member information
OwnerLeon Montan
Other information
Patron saintPaul Atherton

The Tough Organisation of Elite Stuff (Arabic: الهيئة العليا لمحتويات النخبة‎, translit. alhayyat aleulya limuhtawayat alnukhba, lit. 'The High Authority for Elite Content'), commonly known as TOES, is a satirical, invitation-only micronational social club and organisation which is hosted on Discord. The club claims to be "more prestigious than the amateur Micropolitan Club and Lounge."[1]

Conceived and created on Christmas Day of 2019 by Leon Montan, Ponderosan statesman and Chairman of the Socialist Worker's Party of Ponderosa Hills, Prince Zarel I, Prince of New Eiffel, and Anna Telford, President of the Federal Republic of Caddia, it was originally known as "The Trio" or "The Trio™️".

The representation of the logo: the emoji art style represents commutation, and the bare foot is a sign of respect.[2] The hands represent expressing one's self in a way that words often cannot;[3] through text — while the blue eyes are seen as desirable and attractive,[4] representing TOES' eliteness.

TOES is a divisive part of the micronational community, being idolized by some, and hated by others, due to its rivalry with the micronational establishment and several Pavlovian politicians, such as Yaroslav Mar and Dionisiy Tezdzhan-Smahin.[citation needed]


(Left to right): Leon Montan, Zarel Smith, Anna Telford, the founders of TOES.


Zarel Smith, Leon Montan, and Anna Telford were the only three users talking in various channels on MicroWiki@Discord on Christmas Day, around 1–3 am UTC. Smith proposed the idea for them to create a secret(ish) group DM on Discord. Montan and Telford were both fond of the idea, and Montan officially created the group DM which was later dubbed "The Trio™️". The Trio consisted of mostly "shitposting", however after a few days turned into a hub of conspiracy and discussion of various memes and micronational news.

2020 and onwards

A screenshot of the TOES Discord server after its deletion

Since 2020, three members have been admitted into TOES, and eleven have been banned on multiple grounds after the ban list was officially added after the adoption of the charter. TOES also gained a status and reputation of being a high-class and elite social club. Cole B. joined on 15 January, and was the first member to have joined who was not one of the founders. On 20 January, an official Discord server[5] was created to have multiple channels. The server ended up being deleted on 10 February after it had been mostly un-used for over a week. Marvel became a member on 20 January but was kicked from having membership on 1 February; making them the first member to have been kicked from TOES. Logan Ross became the fifth member on 2 February. On 7 February, Smith proposed the current charter, which was passed 3-0 and officially adopted on 8 February, which officially renamed the group to the Tough Organisation of Elite Stuff ("TOES"). Jayden Lycon became the sixth member on 11 February. On 14 February, the official motto was adopted "I didn't choose to be in the TOES, the TOES chose me" as proposed by Lycon. Max Baez was made a member on the 14 February, and William Efton was also made a member on 16 February. Brian withdrew from the organisation on 24 March 2020. On April 18, Zarel Smith became Minister of MicroWiki Management.

TOES-Almendria War

Ban list

TOES is known for its infamous ban list, which contains numerous individuals. It contains prominent micronationalists such as Dionisiy Tezdzhan-Smahin and Violette "Suzuki" Clingersmith.


TOES is a highly elite social club, housing popular micronationalists such as Prince Zarel I, who has the most edits on MicroWiki[6] and is the Prince of the popular micronation New Eiffel,[7] Leon Montan, known for the Face of Leon Montan[8][9] and Cornposting[10] MicroWiki memes; Anna Telford, who held the record for the most messages sent on Discord in over fourteen days for multiple months straight,[11] Cole B. who is the Prime Minister of the well-known micronation Wegmat, and has done nothing of extraordinary significance.[12] Logan of Aenopia, who is the Emperor of the well-known and established micronation Aenopia[13] and ex-Emperor of the largely-controversial New Cymru, William Efton, the Vice President of Aenderia, Brian, who is the owner of the Brian's Republic Youtube channel and makes gaming and food-related videos, and Jayden Lycon, President of Aenderia and winner of Dime Micronationalist of the Month for January, having received the most votes in DMM's history at 15. TOES used to contain the YouTuber and indie game developer YandereDev[14].


TOES was a primary influence in the MicroWiki@Discord Administrative Protests of 2020 held between 16 February—March 2020.[15] The TOES Sector is a political sector informally created on 21 May 2020 which was created for members of nations ran by TOESites; whether or not a nation calls themselves a member of the sector or chooses to associate with it is completely optional. A documentary on TOES titled TOES: A Documentary on the Elite Organisation is currently in production.[16][17] TOES Wiki, which runs on the wiki farm Fandom (also known as Wikia) is an online encyclopædia dedicated to TOES.[18]


See also: TOESites

Member Role Joined Notes
Leon Montan President of Ponderosa Hills, Chair of the Green Party of Ponderosa Hills and owner of the group 25 December 2019 Co-founder
Cole B. Prime Minister of Wegmat 15 January 2020
Logan Ross Emperor of Aenopia 2 February 2020
Jayden Lycon Chair of the Cupertino Alliance, General Secretary of the Aenderese Republic 11 February 2020
Max Baez Head of state of multiple micronations 14 February 2020
Johann Kümmel Kuningas of Roskya 18 June 2020
Anna Telford 25 December 2019
(Withdrew, rejoined on 22 October 2020)
Jamez First Secretary of Desert District 14 December 2020
Brennan Sulivan President of Tesfordia January 2021
Cristian Dobrev President of Plushania 26 January 2021

Former members

There are eleven former members.

Member Joined Left
Marvel 20 January 2020 1 February 2020
Brian 21 February 2020 24 March 2020
Karl Friedrich 15 April 2020 15 April 2020
(Withdrew in pure terror)
YandereDev[19][14] 15 May 2020 16 May 2020
(withdrew was added back and then kicked out, only remark from Yanderedev was "That was very sweet of you to say")
William Efton 16 February 2020 12 June 2020
Anna Telford 25 December 2019 24 June 2020
(Withdrew, rejoined on 22 October 2020)
John Doe 12 April 2020 21 October 2020
Casper von Naveria 21 October 2020 22 October 2020
(Kicked, as he was not added through proper membership attainment procedures)
Zed 23 December 2019 11 December 2020
(Took leave of absence from micronational community)
Alexander I 2 July 2020 25 January 2021
Robert Smith 11 July 2020 25 January 2021


TOECON is an alert state, similar to DEFCON, used by TOES for issues relating to MicroWiki@Discord. It was developed by Logan Ross on 17 February 2020.

Level Description
1 FOOT Nuclear war is imminent or has already started.
4 TOES "The Discord is a war-zone. Get to the cringe bunker."
3 TOES "Crap's starting up."
2 TOES "Starting to get a bit tense."
1 TOE "Everything is fine."



The highest ever activated was 1 FOOT, and later comically upped to 4 FEET were activated. This was during the 'Dan Morris incident'.


During 16 - 19 February 2020, multiple levels of TOECON were activated because of the MicroWiki@Discord Administrative Protests of 2020, the highest being TOECON 4 after the 'The Microwiki Genocide', referring to the mass server warnings issued to key participants of the protest. TOECON 4 would later be reactivated on 29 September following Yaroslav Mar being unbanned from MicroWiki, along with Eryn Lewis and Zarel Smith resigning as administrators.


TOECON 2 was activated on 23 February 2020 after drama in the server involving the banning of open supporters of the terrorist organisation ISIS. It was activated again on 30 September 2020.


In an opinion piece for the Micronational Gazette, Isaiah Burdette slammed TOES as "silly" and "simulationist", citing acts of server raiding during the TOES-Almendria War, which Burdette called a "disgrace to micronationalism".[20] This echoed an earlier press release by Tizian Aruna of the Communist Union of Almendria, which claimed their nation declared war on TOES following alleged acts of server raiding.[21]. Owner Leon Montan refuted these claims, stating that the war was a joke that went out of hand.[22] Montan has since accused Burdette, as he is known for his usage of Discord server raiding, which is known within the micronational community to be an extremely "simulationist" act.

See also


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