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Symbols of the Sandbars

These are the important symbols of the Secundomian Dependent Territory of the Sandbars.


The Flag

The flag of the Sandbars consists of three equal horizontal stripes of beige, blue, and turquoise, with a yellow disk in the center. The beige stripe represents the sand above the water (which is why the beige stripe is above the blue stripe), the turquoise stripe represents the sand below the water (which is why the turquoise stripe is below the blue stripe), and the blue stripe can represent either the water or the sky. The yellow disk can represent either the sun or the full moon. Combined with the blue stripe, this denotes the daily tidal cycle: the sun in the sky (low tide), the sun on the water (high tide), the full moon in the sky, and the full moon on the water. The flag's dimensions (height x length) are 2:3, which is the Olympic Standard, representing internationalism, sportsmanship, and (in the words of President Marra) "everything else good in the world, 'cause that's what the Olympics is." This is the first and only micronational flag in the world where the dimensions are representative of anything. There is no special flag for use at sea, by the government, or by the military: This is the sole flag of all Sandbarese people.

The Coat of Arms

The Sandbarese Coat of Arms consists of a winged disc with an illustration of a bottle-nose dolphin, the National Animal, leaping out of the water in the center. Below this is an orange-and-red banner with the name, "THE SANDBARS" inscribed in blue, the President's favorite color. Below the banner is a small, green, stylized lizard, which has no official symbolism but is commonly believed to represent the wildlife of the Sandbars, that was added after constant pestering by Vice President and head of the National Park Service Marra (President Marra's younger brother), who is obsessed with reptiles. The Coat of Arms is based on the logo for the Sonic the Hedgehog series of video games, which represents future President Marra's ambitions to become a video game designer when he grows up. There are six stars on the disc, one for each of the five Provinces, and an additional one for the National Park Service, as President Marra takes special interest in National Parks. Because it is based off of a logo, the colors, disc, and wings have no official symbolism, but unofficially, they represent the sun (yellow), water (blue), unity of man (red, because everyone's blood is red), and the sand (orange), continuity and immortality (the circle), and freedom and the National Bird, the Great white heron (the wings).

The National Motto

Break Barriers, Pave Paths, Set Standards.

The Motto represents neverending progress for both the Sandbars and all other micronations. It represents inginuity, innovation, and the differences that make each person special (President Marra is a strong advocate of Semitism and Democracy, and despises racism, fascism, and caste-based societies). President Marra believes every person has the potential to do good things, but some people simply choose not to.

The National Anthem

The National Anthem is exactly identical to (and derived from) the musical score in the introduction video (the video at the beginning of some video games that players usually skip) of the video game Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, a Wii and DS game released in 2007 and based on the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games. It was chosen because it involves both video games (President Marra wants to be a video game designer when he grows up) and the Olympic Games, which President Marra is very fond of (see The Flag). President Marra has since developed more of an interest in being a director, so it is possible that the opening theme for Tim Burton's 2005 remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory could become the Anthem in the future, as it is President Marra's favorite movie, Tim Burton is one of his his favorite directors (behind George Lucas and Steven Spielburg), and Johnny Depp (who plays Willy Wonka) is his favorite actor.