Swazidonia Empire

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The Swazidonia Empire

The Provenace of Swazidonia is a Empire, frendly with the Sorrenian Federation located in layberan next to The Democratic Kingdom of Amon Lasgalen It was set up bu the president, Emrys Lawton, on the 28th of May 2014.


The name Swazidonia comes from the two contrys swaziland and macedonia. The name came about as macedonia was one of Emrys' favorite contrys, due to the fact of its historical empire, warfair and tecnological advancements, and emrys' admiarences for the zulu's language and warfair.


Democratic Peoples Republic of Kozlova

Democratic Peoples Republic of Kozlova The history inlovling Swazidonia and Democratic Peoples Republic of Kozlova is very short. Back in the late days of kozlova the presidant of Swazidonia ,Emrys Lawton, was inloved in a big disput about war were he joked about the use of nucular and cemical wepons. Later he left all envolvemont with kozlova, as he was deputy war chef. This later whent on brake down of kozlova and people eventaly left.

Sorrenian Federation

After being frended by The Sorrenian Federation the, later to becom, president began to think about making a new provence and began takes to the king of The Democratic Kingdom of Amon Lasgalen llewelyn lawton. He later had descutions with the president of the Sorrenian Federation, to conferm the making of the Provence of Swazidonia.


A littel bit later on the president decleard indipendence to the Sorrenian Federation, to make the Swazidonia Empire. Now it is an indipendent Empire, but it dose have a frendly relationship with the Sorrenian Federation.