Swamp region

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Swamp region flag

Swamp region is one of the 6 regions of Hilbert Dimension (others being Lower Plains, Higher Plains, Central Region, Access Road Region, Malaja interior/exterior). It is the newest region, being only part of Hilbert Dimension since August 23rd, 2021. The Hilbertian government wanted this land for a long time. Hilbert Dimension was officially claiming this land for some time until this claim was dropped to prevent misunderstanding and other problems. However, in May of 2021, Hilbertian government started negotiating with the owner of this land, until it was bought for almost $1000. On July 23rd, 2021, the land was officially owned by the Hilbertian government and began a full part and region of Hilbert Dimension on August 23rd, 2021.

Geography and nature

The soil in the swamp region is very moist, and unstable in some areas. It was discovered that the soil is very rich in clay, which was mined and purified in the winter of 2019/2020. There are several fruit trees that were planted here before Hilbert Dimension owned the land, as well as other yet unidentified plants. There is also a well in the Swamp region making it the third and highest placed well in Hilbert Dimension. The southernmost point of Hilbert Dimension was also moved from the Higher Plains region to the Swamp region. The highest point of Hilbert Dimension might be in the newly acquired land, but it is not yet known due to the potential point being in the lush Kiwi national park.

Kiwi national park

Kiwi national park is the largest national park in Hilbert Dimension. There was a plan to create 3 national parks in the area, but they were merged later. It spans 3 regions (Higher Plains, Central, Swamp), and consists of 2 parts (Lower Kiwi and Higher Kiwi). The Lower Kiwi part features the highest know natural point of Hilbert Dimension, point Kiwi, which is how the park got its name (Mount Elbern is the highest point, but it was built artificially). The Higher Kiwi part is the largest section of the Kiwi national park. There are many types of plants, trees, weeds, and insects, but most of them have not been identified yet.

Some known plants include Cattail (one of national plants), Cherry trees, Wild bramble, many types of flowers. Some known animals and insects include the Wasp spider, many types of butterflies, Eurasian Jay, European Goldfinch, several types of woodpeckers, and many more.

Swamp region and Kiwi nat. park