Sutton Intermicronational Airport

Sutton City Intermicronational Airport (IMATO Code: STT, MIS Code: GTRT) is the only Intermicronational Airport in Central Cussex. The airport is located in Rhine District, only 500 m from capital side of Sutton. Although many small airports scatter through Cussex, this airport acts as main intermicronational airport of Cussex Area. This airport is the only airport that operated by City Airports Ltd. As the largest and busiest airport in the Cussex Region, SCIA serves flights to various destinations in Los Bay Petros, Indokistan, Micras and other country. Also, SCIA is the main hub of Air Centrino.


Sutton Intermicronational Airport
Bandar Udara Intermikronasional Sutton
SCIA official logo
Airport type Public
Owner GD Transportation, ltd.
Operator City Airports .Ltd
Serves Sutton, Brightonshire, Newstiltson, Central Indokistan
Location Flughafen, Newstilson, Brightonshire, Cussex
Hub for
Elevation AMSL 95 ft / 29 m
Direction Length Surface
ft m
04/25L 7,545 2,300 Asphalt
05/22R 6,561 2,000 Paved
17/35L 15,583 4,750 Reinforced concrete
18/36R 15,583 4,750 Reinforced concrete
Statistics (2012)
Passengers 26,870,123
Aircraft Movements 87,542
Cargo 8
Airline Destination 
Air Centrino Bayrschtein, Bandar Melayu, Alsace, Djoenggo
Air Centrino Al-Majidiya, Mansfield-Teeside, Westorney
Air Centrino Wrythe, Sealand, Stad Independenzia, City of Tor Pendente, Tor Pendente
Air Centrino Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Medina, Riyadh, Tokyo, Canberra, Melbourne, Darwin, RAF Mount Pleasant, Anchorage, London-Heathrow, Pape'ete, Moscow-Domodedovo, Vanuatu-Bauersfield, Honolulu, Kona, Hilo, Sydney, New York-JFK, New York-LaGuardia, London-Gatwick
Air Petrosian Bayrschtein, Bandar Melayu, Prianganstad