Supreme Dictator of Pyrocardia

The Supreme Dictator is a Pyrocardian position. The Supreme Dictator is the sole leader of Pyrocardia and makes all the country's decisions, with the help of the Dictatorial Advisor.


The duties of the Supreme Dictator include managing taxes, manufacturing weaponry and signing treaties and contracts. His role in Foreign Relations is superficial, as the Advisor handles all foreign matters. The Dictator also tends to be in charge of naval warfare and training of troops.

Any Dictator with a consort is required to give any time spent on that consort to the Dictatorial Advisor to use. It is strictly prohibited for a Dictator to have multiple consorts.

Dahraan du Toit (1 December 2012-16 February 2013)

Dahraan was the nation's first Dictator and was a founding member of Pyrocardia. He was involved in the Valentine's War and the relinquishment of Lower Felkwood. He resigned shortly after the war due to Siroccan pressure.

Nathan Nadler-nir(16 February 2013)

Forever known as the One Day Dictator, Nathan entered this position after Dahraan's resignation.

Dahraan du Toit (17 February-)

Nathan's reign proved shortlived once Dahraan discovered the hollow Siroccan threats. Under his second term he initiated Project Vengeance and is taking Foreign Relations to the next level.