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Supreme Court of the Kid United Republic

The Supreme Court of the Kid United Republic (In Russian:Верховный суд Соединенных Kid Республики)is the court of last resort in Kid United Republic.

Supreme Court of Kid United Republic
Верховный суд Соединенных Kid Республики
Kid United Republic Flag.png
Flag of KUR
EstablishedJuly 18, 2011
JurisdictionKid United Republic
LocationRepublic City, Online
CompositionPresidential nomination, approved by Senate
Authorized byConstitution Article VI Section I
Term length5 years
Supreme Judge
IncumbentAdam Dunn
Term end2016

It does, administrative law, civil law and criminal law cases. It also supervises the work of lower courts.


Judges of the Supreme Court are nominated by the President of KUR and appointed by the Senate. In order to become a judge a person must be citizen of KUR.

Supreme Judge

As defined by the KUR Constitution Article VI Section I: The Supreme Judge is the head of the Kid United Republic judiciary branch, being so the Supreme Authority of the court system of the Nation.

The Supreme Judge is responsible for:

  • Guaranteeing the fairness and unbiasness in every trial conducted throughout the country.
  • Preside trials and impeachments against the President, and any other government member.
  • And making sure all laws follow the Constitution.

The Supreme Judge represents the juridical faction of the nation.

Famous Cases

Ian Lockheart v. Jackson Cole- Defendant ruled not guilty. First Supreme Court investigation on the Supporter "War".