SuperTaça Guanabara

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SuperTaça Guanabara
RegionBandeira Guanabara.png Guanabara
Number of teams2
Current championsTijucaLogo.jpg Tijuca FC

The SuperTaça Guanabarais a tournament football competition contested by clubs of the members of by the Guanabara.


Year Host Winners Score Runners-up Number of teams
TaçaGuanabara.png 2019.2 Estádio do Povo
Bandeira Guanabara.png Rio de Janeiro
TijucaLogo.jpg Tijuca FC 3 - 1 Noflag.png Nilópolis FC 2
TaçaGuanabara.png 2019.3 TBC TBC ? - ? TBC 2

Performance by club

Clubs Winners Runners-up
TijucaLogo.jpg Tijuca FC 1 0
Noflag.png Nilópolis FC 0 1

Performance by Distrital Association

Distrital Association Winners Clubs Runners-up Clubs
AF Rio de Janeiro 1 Tijuca FC (1) 0 -
AF Baixada Fluminense 0 - 1 Nilópolis FC (1)

Performance by City

Distrital Association Winners Clubs Runners-up Clubs
Rio de Janeiro 1 Tijuca FC (1) 0 -
Nilópolis 0 - 1 Nilópolis FC (1)

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