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The Sunsonian Empire
Flag of Sunsonia.pngSunsonian crest1.png

We stay strong but remain neutral
Work in progress
Central Texas
Capital cityVeraburg,Veranderen
Largest cityVeraburg,Veranderen
Official language(s)English,Spanish,Dutch and German
Recognised languagesEnglish,Spanish,Dutch and German
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameSunsonia
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- EmperorSamson Pike
- Prime ministerChloe Keene
- Heir to the throneVera pike
- Military High commanderBrody Hegar
- Number of seats - Eight
- Last election - N/A
CurrencyU.S. Dollar, Sunsonian mark
Time zoneU.S. Central timezone
National sportFishing
National dishFried Pickle
National drinkEarl Gray Tea
National animalRed Harvester Ant

Sunsonian history

Sunsonia although founded in 2018 her roots go all the way back to 2015 when Samson pike was inspired by the Republic of Texas to found "The Second Republic of Texas" which collapsed soon after it was formed the next stage was a nation only known as " The Republic" this too collapsed after around a month, Later Samson went on to create the Texan empire that was created as a revolution against Bandania which due to poor leadership and lack of communications collapsed against the revolt. The Texan empire went silent soon after until Samson rediscovered a document after a long time that was the constitution of the Texan empire which he renamed to Samsonia , then to Sunsonia. Samson then got to work getting citizens but was mostly unsuccessful, until about October 16th 2018 although Sunsonia is now gradually growing faster and faster.

Sunsonia was recently helping Nottingham get full independence from Stincolnilous and create the Nottingham Empire , in order to secure Nottingham's independence, Sunsonia went to war with Stincolnilous. Recently the war ended and Nottingham was allowed independence, the Sunsonian and Stinconilus leader met online and ended the war between them.

On January 5th 2020 the residence of the royal family burned down. Sunsonia will not falter this is fixable


Half of the government is controlled by the Keizer three other half is controlled by the Parliament. Parliament is elected by the people. The king is not elected but is a hereditary title

Official website Sunsonian official website it has the map and such


Sunsonia deploys the Sunsonian Military. Number of of military personnel : 10

we literally only have pellet guns and one airsoft gun, we aren't really allowed to use lethal weapons

Foreign relations

Sunsonia's closest ally at the moment is Cycoldia, for proximity and military reasons. Although Brodonia, a nation supported by Sunsonia is currently planning to grow Miltarly and population wise

Foreign relations
Cassiopea nation Mutually recognized
Empire of Lehmark Mutually recognized
Grand Republic of Cycoldia Mutually recognized, and Ally
Altearn federation Mutually recognized, and Ally

About the Keizer

The emperor is currently 13 years old. He founded Sunsonia and is still the monarch. His name is Samson Pike.

Sunsonian national animals

The official national creature of Sunsonia, The red Harvester ant. The reason behind this is because while they are generally reluctant to sting the worker ant if provoked enough can produce a painful sting, which has been placed on the Schmidt pain index as a 3\4.

The official Reptile of Sunsonia is the Gecko, Simply because they are in a great abundance.

The official livestock animal of Sunsonia is the Chicken because they are the most abundant livestock animal in Sunsonia.

The official bird of Sunsonia is the Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher, for its beauty and abundance in Sunsonia.

The official Amphibian of Sunsonia is the Texas Toad, Because they eat all the Mosquitos

The official Cat of Sunsonia is the Tabby,because their Beauty

The official dog of Sunsonia is the Great Pyrenees/Greyhound Mix, Because the archduchess is one