Sun Kingdom

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Sun Kingdom
Königreich der Sonnen.pngAzure a salmon argent in full, per bend gules, over a bend argent.png

Boze Pravde
Castrop-Rauxel, Germany
Capital cityLukeville
Largest cityLiville
Official language(s)English,Serbian and German
Official religion(s)Serbian Orthodox
Short nameSK
- Vice-PresidentCar Konstantin
- PresidentLeontina
Population5 (as of 2019)
Time zoneGMT +2
National sportTug of War
National animalLion

The Sun Kingdom is a micronation in Germany Castrop-Rauxel It was formed on the 9.6.2019 and it was created as a Joke It is an absolute monarchy ruled by only one King and a President In its current State, It hasn't entered in any relations with other Countries or Organisations


The Name is based on the street where the Micronation was formed

Politics and government

Its government is ruled only by one King and a President

Law and order

Its Judicial System is mostly based on the German System but only with Minor changes one notable change is that every Citizen must Complete 6 Months of Army Service

Foreign relations

It hasn't entered in any relations with other Countries or Organisations


The Weaponry consists of some cheap BB Guns and a Jojo


Its Currency is the Euro

Culture and media

It Currently has no forms of Educations other than some ww2 books and a Computer, the official Languages are English, Serbian and German